AvFX- The Magic Brush For your Videos

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Have you often found the videos online too plain, drab and bland? If you wish that videos on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook could do with a touch of spice to them, then the iOS app AvFX is here to fulfil your wish. It helps you add life to your videos with background sounds and amazing video effects. You can add special filters in no time including Fantasy, Color, Vignette, Mono, Neon and more or select among the 108 brilliant video effects available. Also, add your personal touch with music from your very own playlist.

avf1While it all sounds complicated, working with this app is as simple as it could possibly get. You  begin with shooting a video on your iOS device to capture precious moments of your life. Then, let your creative juices flow as you add a variety of unique filters. Add some color and music and the end result is a splendid video that everyone will indeed enjoy watching and which will earn you a large number of likes.

If you have ever felt that you have an inbuilt eye for detail and beauty and are looking forward to bringing forth the photographer that lies hidden beneath, then this app is simply perfect for you. Combine videos and music like never before to produce masterpieces with this app. The underlying idea of this app is not to create a fabulous video from scratch but to enhance an existing video so as to nurture your creative side and unleash it. It does not make up for lack of artistic skill with a lot of bad filters. There are many lovely features and aspects that you can explore.

avf2The very basic and exciting part of this app is when you begin off with adding your own music to your videos. Following this, there is a myriad choice of filters, each of which caters to bringing out certain aspects of your video. They have been given significant thought indeed before being added to the app. They make your videos vibrant and fun, adding a touch of spice. So, you can indeed transform your plain videos to splendid entertaining ones.

Another issue seen with most apps in this niche is the layout and interface. However, AvFX gives you absolutely nothing to complain about as far as its user interface is concerned. This iOS app has been designed excellently with a truly professional look and exterior. The layout is very pleasing to look at indeed with the right mix of everything that you coulld need. It has been highly intuitive and user friendly. The simplicity and beauty of this app indeed does lie largely in its interface.

The controls are very simple and do not require you to put in any extra effort whatsoever. If you like shooting videos and wish to enhance them before uploading them for your friends and familt to view, then it is an excellent choice. You can complete complex editing in no time. This appis also highly convenient as it has complete integration with popular social networks for you to share the masterpieces that you create.

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