Let Ubooly Talks Teach Your Child in the Funniest Way

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Learning new things can be fun for kids when you have the right learning methods arranged for them. ITunes has provided a lot of privileges to the users and with its apps for the kids, you can make learning fun. Ubooly Talks is one such app on iTunes that is made for kids aged 3-10 years. The app not only teaches but also becomes their companion in the spare time and they are really going to enjoy the presence of the cute character in their lives.


Ubooly Talks, presented by Ubooly inc, is an app for iPhones and iPads which tells stories, sings songs, and do more with the kids. It is possible to train Ubooly in the way you want and it can be customized as you like. The app is cute to look at and it is an interactive one which listens to the user and responds accordingly. The app is going to be the coolest tutor for your child and with the in-app purchases available with the app that make it an even more interesting and effective app for children. Even adults are going to enjoy the app. The lessons in the app are provided by teachers who are good in their field and thus, you can be rest assured that you are providing the best to your kids.


  • Ubooly Talks is an app for the kids and it is an interactive one which listens and responds to the kids.
  • The app itself is a cute tutor to the kids and will make them learn several things in the most effective manner.
  • The central character of the app is quite cute and you can always customize the look of it by changing its dress and accessories along with the color. You can change the hair style and face too.
  • The app comes with several in-app purchases where you can buy packs to make the learning an extensive one. The packs available are Spanish, addition, counting, alphabets, division, oceans, human body, parts of speech, space, seasons, teeth brushing, spellings, vocabulary, and more are being added by the app developers. You can even unlock all packs.
  • It is easy to add packs to the app.
  • The app learns the name of the child along with its birthday and treats the child accordingly.
  • Each activity is characterized by an environment and these are quite cool to look at.
  • The app is available for free for iOS 6.0 or later.
  • The version 4.0.6 of the app takes around 59.9 MB space on your device.


Summary: Ubooly talks is an entertaining and talkative app for the kids on iTunes which educates the children about different things that are required in the daily life and lessons that will be effective for their studies.

Good: The learning is done in the form of game and the app graphics are made to encourage the kids to use it.

Bad: The app has been loved by parents and kids and thus there is nothing wrong reported about the same.

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