Helidroid 3B: Copter Gaming Redefined

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Helidroid has always been a standard RC Helicopter game among young boys. It has topped the charts with newer versions and more excitement and fun all the time. The latest version of Helidroid, Helidroid 3B has ushered in a lot of surprises and delights for users. It is essentially the second part of Helidroid 3, comprising of 18 entirely new levels encompassing the same environment and house.

hel1Helidroid 3B is a mission based game, wherein you are assigned a new mission at each level. In each mission, you have to work out how individual elements work first and then piece these together for a complete solution. The tact of the game lies in having a strong control over your copters so as to be able to manage all kinds of critical situations as well.

When you get started, it takes a bit of time to get familiar with the game on the whole. There is a tutorial to get you going with the game play and controls. It has indeed proven to be quite handy. The tutorial helps you get well versed with the helicopter controls so it is advisable to not skip it at any cost. Besides just completing each mission, you would also want to try to earn 3 stars, which amount to full score. You will be informed of what to do and how in order to earn the three stars at the start of each mission.

The game gives you the experience of flying a real helicopter. The graphics indeed paint a very clear picture of the world from a bird’s eye view. The clarity and angles of the pictures give them a realistic feel indeed. The situations for each level in house have been designed with precision, accuracy and a good deal of creative skill. Thus, there is a new dimension lent to each mission in terms of design.

hel2Developed by MH productions, the game has a lot of fun and excitement to offer. Once you get started with the game, putting it down is quite hard in fact. You have 4 helicopters to maneuver, each giving a different view of the house.

There are a variety of interesting missions for you to complete. Each mission tests a certain aspect of your control on the helicopters. These vary from extinguishing fires to blowing out candles to demolishing a house of cards to escorting the electrician. As the game proceeds, the missions get more complicated and tougher. To add to the challenge, you have to complete the present mission within a specified time limit in order to proceed to the next one. It is this variety and challenge that the missions pose that keeps you glued to the game.

The game controls are pretty simple as single elements. You have one joystick to move the helicopter up and down and another to move it sideways. Moving your finger on the screen results in a U-turn. While it might sound easy, controlling all the copters at the same time can get a bit tricky. Practice is the best solution to this. Additionally, a combination of physics and logic can help you get through easily.

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