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I always look for different types of games in the iTunes store and finding something like modern words was really a fabulous thing to me. Not only because it is a word puzzle game, but because of the fact that it consists of five different games in one app, made me fall in love with the game. The amazing game will keep you glued to it for a long period of time and you will definitely feel the same as I do when you start playing the game.


What you will enjoy most about the Modern Words game is that each game is different from the other one. The difficulties are different and the varied game modes give the game a better aspect. You are going to find different riddles, word search, anagrams, mini crosses and more from the game. There are a total of 500 puzzle games and to be honest I could not complete all till date. To be precise, there are 120 anagram puzzles, 120 mini crosses, 100 riddles, 60 crosswords and 100 word search puzzles. However, the good thing is, it is not difficult to complete the puzzles as hints will be there in case you are struck somewhere in the game.


There are numerous interesting anagram puzzles and the word search games are quite fun to play. Just hovering your finger over the screen to find the right word may sound to be simple, but believe me there are levels that are going to give you tough time. However, the control is so cool you will not get pissed off ever.

For games like me, it is quite common to play games when the lights are off, and even under the blanket. It seems that the developers have understood the same and presented a night mode with the game. You can shift graphic anytime you want. While playing your favorite puzzle game, you can also win trophies. The secret that I can tell you is that the trophies keep me enthusiastic about the game. You can always check your stat on the game and try to improve the same. The game center leader boards and achievements are there to help you go strong in the game.


The riddle part of the game is quite interesting. Here, the player is going to answer a given riddle by arranging the letters provided in the game. When it comes to Anagram, you can choose a subject. The subject can be animals, sports, places and more in the game and here you will have to make as many words as possible from the given five or seven letters. Crossword game is just how you are used to play the usual game.

The games of the Modern Words puzzle are all quite interesting and fun and if you are one who enjoy solving word games, this is the appropriate app for you. The app is compatible to iPhone 4 or later and you can download it for free.

Good: The 5 in one game is all too entertaining and a great time-pass.

Bad: There is nothing wrong about the game.

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