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Have you ever wanted like you wanted to be heard but don’t know how to do so? While there are numerous social media, they are all too huge and not specific. People might not get your message unless you directly message them or tag them. There is absolutely no way to keep track of your messages. TinyShout, an iOS app, is changing the way we communicate with strangers. It adds a level of sophisticated organization to the entire process indeed. It has an innovative concept that will allow you to connect with a huge number of people.


TinyShout is based on both time and location. As a user, you can send out messages to other users within a certain area which ranges from a professional event to a huge five-mile radius around. You also have to set an expiration date on your messages. Beyond this time, your messages are undefined and cannot be found. Once your messages serve their purpose, you no longer have to revisit them ever again. This also saves you the trouble of others digging up your message history and using it against you in any way.


If you wish to send your message to only a set of certain people, then you can use a code for the same. Otherwise, you can send out messages anonymously at all times. If you do not wish that your messages be traced back to you, then you can post anonymously and stay out of the loop. The app gives you the flexibility to choose between the two according to your purpose.

One interesting feature that has been implemented by this app is location based messages or a mobile message point. That is, you can associate a message with a certain spot or a person too. Anyone passing by in the proximity of the place or that person and having the app will pick up this message. This could be useful for tour guides to associate messages with certain locations. It could largely come in handy even for a professional networking event or the like.


All messages are posted to a public message board that can be accessed by anyone. Those within the range that you define can view your message. The element of surprise in the variety of messages keeps you hooked and intrigued indeed. You cannot predict the thoughts of random people around you whatsoever.

Working with the app is really simple. You begin with downloading the app and creating an account with it. You then design a message, decide a location, time, and range and you’re good to go. You can post publicly or privately according to what you need. Other users can reply either privately or publicly to your messages. All private chat replies can be viewed in the form of a chat window for privacy. Once the time duration expires, your message will be deleted, except for the private chats. The basic idea of the app is to get people to meet and communicate based on location, while doing away with the initial awkwardness that tags along with the process.

Good: Private chats and timer on messages

Bad: Not integrated with existing apps

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