Nomanis Crew: Ideal combo of fun and anticipation

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Nomanis Crew, the latest invention of Fire Tote Arena, is a fun-filled and exciting game, featuring the hero Nomanis who, through the graphics of the game lives his adventures and completes challenges, bypasses obstacles, to unlock all his friends and set his gorliks free! Nomanis game can be easily downloaded on Android 4.0 versions or more superior devices. It is no doubt engaging to the core, and a great way to make those boring hours pass. The concept underpinning the game is very simple, Nomanis is portrayed as a Twitch Streamer,who gains super powers and abilities of mental strength and agility, to traverse along the dangerous island in the quest of his long-lost friends.


Main Features

Nomanis Crew is enriched with novel features to keep users glued to their game screens for hours and enhance their playing experience. Some of the features are listed below:

Nomanis Crew, the game showcases the twitch streamer, Nomanis and allows users to be a part of his journey, as he embarks on the quest of his locked friends, by encountering various obstacles along the island pathway.

  • Each and every level is uniquely designed to incorporate challenging obstaxles, with attractive, granted super powers as bonus wins.
  • The game is set against a side-scroller backdrop, that is fashioned with close similarity to Super Mario. Yet, although the setup is the same, the challenges are tougher and novel.
  • Nomanis Crew game app is available for download on higher versions of Android, such as Android 4.0 and other superior devices.nc2


  • Nomanis Crew combines classical elements of Super Mario type backdrops, with innovative features, that make the game very much playable and challenging.
  • With every level crossed, Nomanis gets recharged with greater super powers that enhance his overall prowess and increase the likelihood of future wins! Such bonus features at every level is very encouraging to newbie users.
  • The characters portrayed in the game, to the likes of Nomanis, the gorliks and friends are very much relatable to real life people. This fact makes the game even more user-friendly and fun to play.
  • Obstacles are kept lively, innovative and challenging at each progressing level.Such a plethora of unique creativity at every level is seen in very few games.
  • The fact that Nomanis Crew is built on the premise of a Super Mario type platformer, only goes on to make it a much-loved game among game freaks who dearly miss those good old days of playing Super Mario for endless hours.


  • Some users do find this game to be oversimplified and believe that updates are slow and that the game gets usual after sometime. Yet it is fun to play all throughout.
  • Nomanis Crew game app is not compatible with lower versions of Android, i.e below Android 4.0. This limits its availability and accessibility to equally interested people, who would enjoy the game likewise, but cant, since they possess outdated versions of Android phones.


Nomanis Crew, as an adventure game, is super fun and never fails to enthrall. With its easy-to-surpass challenges and bonus wins at every level, this game comes across as a welcome respite from its other mind-numbing, sombre counterparts. It incorporates every little aspect in a balanced way: technology, graphics and user-friendliness. If you wish for a game that does not take itself too seriously, then Nomanis Crew is the right one for you.

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