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Are you one of those sports fanatics? Do you like to keep everyone updated about what happens in your sports world on a daily basis? If yes, then you must try out the iOS app GameOn by Korrio. With the busy lifestyle today, it is tough to follow up on games and the sports lives of our loved ones and to keep your fans updated. This is exactly where this app comes into the picture.


This app comes with a number of attractive features that will help you stay connected with your sports fans at all times. People share the highlights of their day to day lives on social networks today to keep their friends and family in touch. However, not all of these may be interested in your sports life. GameOn is a specially dedicated app to help people keep up to pace with your sports life. It has been made especially for your sports only. It is effectively a sports network where you can post updates and share special moments with fans and dear ones.


The organization and layout of the app make it really easy to work with. You can create custom channels as per the type of sports, player, team name, season and more. You do not have to wait for hours on end to create an event. All you need is a few seconds. Adding people to an event or channel is equally easy and simple. You can also use this app to store special moments and relive them whenever you want. It acts like your sports diary, bringing out and nurturing your love for sports.

The main idea behind the app is to allow fans to come together on a single platform and follow sports events together. You no longer have to message fans or those concerned on different social media or send them personal messages. All you have to do is post an update on the app and all those who are concerned will receive it. It is an excellent way to connect with fans who might not be able to make it to the game but who care enough to stay updated in real time.


There are many things you can post on a channel. These include scores, pictures from the game, upcoming events, highlights and more. This can be in the form of text, photos, audio, video or any media of your choice. The good part of the app is that those you are updating can comment and present their views and opinions too. This way, you get the feeling of them being physically present and reacting with you in real life during the match.

The interface has been well designed and has been divided into four sections- Channels, Notifications, Highlights and Profile. Each one takes care of one aspect of the app, as the name suggests. This clarity makes it easy to navigate and very user friendly too. It is indeed rare to find a platform dedicated solely to sports. If you are a sports person, you must check this app out.

Good: Good layout and design

Bad: None

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