Roundme – Lets go for “A VIRTUAL EXPEDITION”, now on android

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Get Roundme Now on Android Too, Its really good news for android users…

Travelling is a passion. You walk out of your house with the first ray of the sun on an undetermined journey, without knowing where you’ll be by the end of the day, if you’ll be staying in a hotel alone or accompanied by a group of strangers in a camp by the river-side. You don’t know what conditions would be there, how different would be the atmosphere than usual. You know your strengths but you don’t know the weaknesses of the place you’ll land very soon. But you know one thing for sure; that today you’ll be following a path you’ve never travelled before. That today you’ll be watching something new; doesn’t matter if it’s ordinary or extraordinary. But it’s the very thought of visiting it for the first time in your life that makes this experience special. To add more of such experiences to your life, get Roundme.


Now before you reach any conclusion about Roundme, it’s actually an online service which can take you to places all around the world with you sitting comfortably right inside your house. But it’s as unpredictable as your journey because you never know what’s coming next. There are professional photographers from all over the world who are every uploading many beautiful 360 degree interactive panoramas that you can explore through. With so many photographers collaborating under this project, no spot of this beautiful planet Earth is seems to be out of their reach.

There are panoramas covering almost everything one can wish for: Times Square, Eiffel Tower, Milky Way, Volcanic Eruption, etc. And don’t get surprised of Milky Way, there are many more surprises awaiting you there. People have posted shots from beaches, caves, hill-tops, sea-bottoms and therefore, one can visit every place in his/her short span of life, thanks to Roundme.


The trip becomes even more interesting and exciting with Roundme joining hands with iOS and Android. In fact, there iOS app is already running live and Android app is very soon to hit the markets. Moreover, these two apps are compatible with the very affordable Google Cardboard Headsets. So buy one of them and get started. The experience is just awesome. You’d be thrilled at every spectacle this app puts on your table. It’s simply breathtaking! If you want to create the same effect, then you can consult their virtual panoramic creator; a tool to build stories you can communicate without words.

Roundme offers a very beautiful, intuitive and well-sorted interface for you to find your favourite Spaces (Panoramas). Each panorama is beautifully shot with 360 degree all-around view and you won’t regret to click even a single one of them. Moreover, if you’re planning for a vacation, then Roundme allows you to Hotels, Restaurants and other Places of Interest that might be on your list. So whether you’re on-road or off-road, it doesn’t matter; Roundme is always the app for you.

If you still have any doubts, then don’t wait for me to clear them up. Go and check out their website!

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