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Becoming a magician is a huge task. You require days of practice and a lot of time and effort goes into the whole process. Alongside all this, you need to be quick and neat with your hands to convince the audience. There is a saying that if you can convince a magician with your tricks, there is no one you cannot impress. This is what the iOS app iSleight is based on. It helps you learn magic in no time and without any effort.


This app has been designed by magicians such that it can be used by everyone. No limit on the age or skill level of a person applies at all. It is not a secret app or anything with hidden windows. It’s effectively a simple magic trick that has been tweaked to make it look exciting. You have a constantly shuffling deck of cards on your phone. You ask your spectator to pick a card and then predict it. Your prediction matches with the value of the card, leaving everyone around applauding. You do not have to acquire any new skills or practice the trick or anything of that sort.


To get you started, the app is available for $4.99 in the App Store. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, requiring iOS 9.0 or higher versions. No Wi-Fi or data connection is required to use this app either. There are a set of tutorial videos that will show you how to apply the trick and use the app if you are a first timer. It comes with reliable support where feedback is always welcome and shall be looked into.


The basic idea of the app is that anyone can perform magic tricks. There is no need for props or a wand or a cape or anything of that sort to perform magic. All you need is the iSleight app and someone for a spectator. The app resets the card predicted after each game to avoid any suspicion. You can hand over the app to your spectators for them to inspect it if they find anything fishy. It has been designed so neatly that it leaves absolutely no scope for suspicion.

Now, moving on to the trick behind the app. Before the game begins, you predict a card well in advance on a sheet of paper or on a hand held deck of cards. Then, you go ahead and show your spectator the constantly shuffling deck and ask them to pick a card. When you reveal the value you had already predicted, the app ensures that the same card turns up. No need for any sort of learning or processing or programming or feeding a pattern or the like. It’s that simple!

With the right technology and the right skills, impressing someone is quite an easy task. This app is the living embodiment of this. You can live your dream of becoming a magician without all the time and effort. All you need is the iSleight app and an iOS device.

Good: Resets cards instantly

Bad: None

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