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The introduction of flashlight app in the android devices by default has almost forced the app developers to come up with an innovative and smart flashlight applications. Apalon apps has come up with one such application which is very much essential when we do camping in the dark or trekking in the dark or during any outing. Flashlight is very essential in our day to day life but we cannot always carry a flashlight along with our day to day journey. When your mobile device is designed to work like a flashlight then it solves the need for an additional tool and it reduces the weight of your pocket.


Flashlight app is a very handy application which completely replaces a physical flashlight tool. It helps you to walk out safely in the dark. If you are a bookworm and don’t want to disturb your roommates at night by keeping the room light on, this flashlight app will come handy as a savior. It’s just a swipe away from turning the flashlight on. It gives you option to control the flashlight from the notification bar. If you enable the notification setting then it will always be available in your notification bar and it is easy to access. Some people may not like more icons/messages in the notification bars, they can easily disable it in the app settings.


Flashlight is really a very simple and easy to use application with variety of flashing options in several frequencies of blinking. 0 frequency will keep the light always on without blinking. 1 frequency will blink with a huge pause and son on.The frequency of blinking increases as we increase the number in the app. It has a SOS signal built in within the app to save you from any emergency situations. The simple and sleek user interface with very attractive three different background color changes as we change the frequency from 0 to SOS gives a good look and feel to the application.



Flashlight app by apalon apps provides nine different flashing frequencies which is a great plus as users can decide their own flashing frequency rather than a standard continuous flash of light. The app is designed with a built in SOS flashlight signal which allows you to get help easily when you are in trouble or stuck somewhere in the dark or in any emergency situation. The screen light mode for the devices without LED flash is a great plus and it offers three different stunning color modes.


Screen light mode is available only for devices which doesn’t LED flash, some users may prefer a dim light so enabling the screen light mode even for the devices with LED flash and providing an option to switch between LED flash and screen light mode will give added benefits.

The flashlight app doesn’t give any warning about the battery drain or low battery levels. If there is an alert raised about low battery level and if there is an option to control the battery drain level from the app itself then it would be win-win scenario.

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