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Card games are always addictive and more fun. Grand Gin rummy adds more excitement to the fun. Gin Rummy is a classic American card game of simple rules. If you are a rookie for Gin rummy and want learn about it, then this game Grand Gin rummy is the right choice to download as it allows you to play with other real life users rather than competing against computer. It gives you real game experience when you compete against the real life users.

The user interface of Grand Gin rummy game is quite unique as they invite you to a hotel and allow you to play Gin rummy. They welcome you to the Grand gin rummy with a bunch of chips and allow you to play in several multiplayer game modes like Classic, Quick and Oklahoma Gin. In addition to these game modes they even have a practice game mode where you can practice and play with energy rather than money/chips. In the practice game mode you can compete against opponents of different level to sharpen your Gin rummy skills.


The Classic game mode is more or like a league game and the winner is decided based on the person who knocks with less deadwood and who reaches 100 points first. The classic mode has three different entry options. Players can enter the game with 200 chips to win 300 chips or enter with 500 chips to win 750 chips or enter with 1000 chips to win 1500 chips.

The quick game mode is more or like a knockout mode. It is very straight forward as the person who knocks with less deadwood wins the game. In the quick game mode you have two entry options and you can choose either enter with 80 chips to win 110 chips or enter with 150 chips to win 200 chips. In both quick and classic mode players are allowed to knock even though they don’t have Gin. If they have a Gin then they receive a Gin bonus.


The Oklahoma Gin game mode is more interesting where you are allowed to knock, rather you play until you get a Gin. In the Oklahoma Gin game mode you have two entry options and you can choose either enter with1500 chips to win 2250 chips or enter with 2000 chips to win 3000 chips. Compete among the world’s best Gin Rummy players and maintain your leaderboard standing.


Pros: This game doesn’t have any annoying advertisements which is a great plus. The user interface is very simple and anyone can learn this game very quickly. They give you signup bonus and daily bonus to help you out incase if you run out of chips. If you link you Facebook account with the game you can receive another 500 chips as bonus.

Cons: There isn’t much negative to say about this game. The only negative I have observed is that this game drains out your phone/tablet battery charge very quickly which is quiet common in most of the online games.

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