Manage Credit Card Instantly App: An Efficient Tool for Tracking Credit Card Transactions

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It is always fun using credit cards. This is because they are not only convenient but also makes different transactions safe and secure. Besides, credit cards have always been associated with discounts especially on the festive seasons making the user fully satisfied with the services it renders. However, there is great need to ensure that there is proper monitoring of the activities or the transactions undertaken by the card. This can be of great essence in order to properly balance on how the money is spent and arrive at the payoff point.

In most cases, individual may possess more than one credit card which may contain different information. This may be in relation to the amount of cash that they may contain or the period that they are bound to operate. Sometimes, one might end up using multiple cards and fail to keep track of the transactions that have been undertaken. This is where Manage Credit Card Instantly app comes along to offer the needed assistance. No more struggles trying to achieve the payoff. This incredible app ensures that every card detail and transaction has been taken into account.


How the Manage Credit Card Instantly app operates

First, it is good to note that this amazing app has purposely been designed for those who have dozen credit cards and find it quite challenging to manage them. Apparently, most credit cards contain different details which may include credit limits, due dates, different interest rates and even grace periods. Apparently, the user will note that the app operates perfectly when it is offline thus making it to be quite convenient to use in any place at any time. Additionally, this implies that the details can be consistently be updated manually by the user for proper tracking.

Compatible Devices for the Manage Credit Card Instantly app

This great app has displayed strong features that require a stable and high performing device in order for it to operate efficiently. The most suitable device for this app is Android version 4.1 or any new version. It also requires a high performing operating system in order to deliver the expected output.

mc2Below are the distinct features that the user of this app will come across:

A reminder when payment dates are close

In most credit cards, they may indicate when the ultimate payment should be made. Sometimes an individual may become quite busy to realize that the due date is almost nearing. With Manage Credit Card Instantly app, the user can be reminded earlier in order to avoid any penalty or interest that may be imposed.

Hotline numbers stored for emergency

In the current dynamic environment, credit cards may be prone to theft or getting lost. This could be a critical matter that needs to be urgently attended to in order to avoid any malicious activity performed using the card.

Update transactions easily

Apparently, the user will discover that the transaction updates can be performed manually with ease since the app can work conveniently when it is offline. Once the transactions have reflected on the app, the user will easily discover how much money was charged in each transaction undertaken.mc3 Get to enjoy the grace period

There are times where no interest charge can be imposed on the credit. This happens when the user is able to make payment before due date. At that period, the fee can be paid without any penalty or interest rate charged. With such awareness, one can be able to save much on the cost.

New features? 

This version 1.4.3 of the Manage Credit Card Instantly app has integrated additional features which include creation of shortcut menu for transaction, comma acting as decimal separator, and explanation of essential concepts. On the other previous versions (version 1.4.2 and version 1.4.1) improvements performed include minor user interface improvements, bug fixing, customization of currency symbols and complete deletion of transactions.

Here are the Pros and Cons found in this great app:


· Perfectly managing credit card cycles

· Simple but really efficient

· Features are highly defined and operational

· No need to create account or login

· Can be used offline; absolutely convenient


· Mild performance if not updated due to bugs

· Some concepts are hard to understand


The Manage Credit Card Instantly app is clearly an ideal tool when it comes to controlling and checking on the transactions of the credit card. Its easy-to-use approach makes it convenient for the user to constantly update transactions performed and track multiple credit cards. With an overall current rating of 5-stars, this is a clear indication of how effective and efficient it is. Why wait? Get this app today at Google Play and secure credit card transactions!

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