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Learning a new language has always been fun, though a bit challenging. The interesting thing is that it allows one to easily interact with other individuals and natives speaking that language. It also makes an individual to learn new culture and terms used by the native speakers. However, in order to understand such a new language, an individual will be required to get the right resources, sufficient time and even attend classes (which can be expensive). Now, there is no need to worry.

With Beelinguapp, one can easily learn a new language with utmost ease at the convenient place for absolutely free. Some of the languages currently incorporated include Spanish, French, German, English, Portuguese, Chinese, Turkish, Hindi and Arabic. This is a unique opportunity to become a pro in a new language and get ready to interact with its other speakers. It is time to download it and get started!


How the Beelinguapp operates

The first thing the user will discover from this app is its intuitive interface. This is meant to make the entire learning process easy and fun. Beelinguapp comes with a unique approach when it comes to learning a new language. The user is allowed to read texts and listen to a story which is presented in two different languages at the same time. Actually, the two languages are side by side thus making it pretty easy to understand. First, the user can read the new language and then use the known language as a basis for reference. To make the pronunciation much accurate, Beelinguapp an audio reader who adopts amazing karaoke-style animation. This will truly make one to have a longer session with this great app!


Compatible Devices

This fantastic app has integrated quality features in relation to its highly-defined graphics, theme, animations and even the sound. This implies that its performance can be well-enhanced on a high-performing platform. Thus, it is currently suitable for Android devices from version 4.1 and above.

Check below for the exceptional features that one can come across in the Beelinguapp:

Simultaneous language display

To make the learning experience quite easy and fast, Beelinguapp offers an intuive platform that displays both the known language and the language being learnt. Besides, the presentation of the languages is in form of a story. The learner can read the new language and refer its meaning from the language already understood. This can always result to quick interpretation and understanding.


Audible audio pronunciation

In some cases, pronunciation of some terms in a new language may vary in relation to how they have are inscribed. As a new learner, it is critical to understand how they are written and pronounced. To ensure that such challenges are perfectly encountered, Beelinguapp has integrated an audio reader (with a karaoke-style animation), to assist in pronunciation of terms as required. Through listening keenly and trying to speak out aloud, one will discover how easy it is to learn such languages. Also, ensure that the voice is audible to grasp any necessary pronunciation.

Interesting and fun-filled texts

Learning a new language is not meant to be a boring exercise. It truly comes with great fun and pleasure! Beelinguapp has taken into account that factor by introducing fun-filled texts in the storyline. Thus, the learner not only gets to understand the new language but also have a fascinating moment enjoying the story. Besides, the funny karaoke style animation integrated in the audio sound production makes the entire learning hilarious!

Learn as many languages as possible

The more languages an individual is well acquainted to, the better it becomes. This can be in relation to interactions, both professionally and with other individuals from diverse cultures. It also instills a sense of pride and achievement which can make trips and vacation to native regions worth remembering. Actually, one will always receive a more warm welcome and special attention from the locals. Who doesn’t like that? Beelinguapp is offering this incredible opportunity of learning different languages in the best way possible. It is worth trying!

The following are some of the Pros and Cons that have been identified in Beelinguapp:


· Lots of languages to learn

· Great intuitive interface that’s interactive

· The texts are fun to read out loud

· High quality sounds; very audible

· Fantastic graphics and colorful themes adopted


· Layout glitches noted

· Some languages not available


It has always been a great and fun-filled experience learning a new language. This offers an individual a unique opportunity to enter into the world of its native speakers. Easy interaction can now be facilitated; vacations’ experience highly improved and professional careers quite successful. In some other ways, one will always have a great feeling of achievement and ready to mingle with people from diverse cultures. It is truly an experience that one cannot miss. Why not download Beelinguapp and get started right away? It will take some bit of time but the result will be phenomenal and lasting. Get this app today for free on the Google Play!

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