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Ozoneplay is a gaming app unlike any before. Ozoneplay is an app for either an IPhone or IPad but it is also able to be downloaded on to Android devices. It is free to download and comes with seven games (and they said they will release a new game every week). The reason why it is unlike any other gaming apps is because you have the chance to win real cash when you play with your friends or people online. Entering a tournament will cost you $0, 25 and multiplayers will be $0, 50 while one on ones in going to cost you $1, 00. You can also host your own competitions. Ozoneplay gives you $5, 00 to start with so that you can get the feel for it. If gambling is not your thing you can play the games for free as many times as you like.

The games that you have to start with are Skyway Stack, Basketball Jam, Bubbles Heaven, Xriss Xross, Jelly Box Jump, Desert Dash and Candy Quash. Many of these games are developed by the same company but they all come with their own unique design and music. And many of the games have their own sense of humor.

Xriss Xross is a ‘chicken crossing the road’ type of game with block like graphics with cartoon like sound effects when you get hit by a car. Desert Dash is a running game (with an Arabian influenced music score) where you avoid objects in your way by jumping or rolling. The deaths are the cartoon like typical birds flying around the head or the character being thrown into your face. Bubbles Heaven is a cute game with a cute animal that helps you pop three of the same bubbles but you can swap your ball with the next ball in line. Basketball Jam is like the old arcade machines where you have to score. Candy Quash is the standard ‘get three is a row candies’ before moves run out game. Jelly Box Jump is making the Jelly Box jump to the next platform before it drowns and making sure you do not get stuck in between the platforms. Skyway Stack is you stack blocks on top of each other but the blocks slide across in two different directions. When you do not fully land on the block below some parts get chopped off but you can use this to design awesome, colorful looking buildings.

Cons of the app is that you have to register on their site and in order to play for cash you must verify your account which you cannot do through the app but only via email. Sometimes members are not online to play the one on ones but tournaments seem to always be available. Some games like Jelly Box comes with no instructions while Bubble Heaven came with too many, so balancing on the amount of instruction can help and I think Basketball Jam may need a bit more work on it because the text with the score, timer etc. can be quite small and it is not responsive at times.

Pros are that the games can be some to play and the music of the games is worth it alone. It is easy to use and the games are quite quick to react plus the visual of each game is appealing. Playing against people can be fun and challenging. Many of the games like Desert Dash, Jelly Box Jump, Skyway Stack and Bubble Heaven add tiny details to already established formulas to make them a bit different because of this, the music and that it’s easy to use I would give it an 8/10.

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