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This app has been specifically crafted for all the movie buffs out there, are you good at remembering the slightest of trivia, do you want to stand out amongst the crowd at parties? Be a crowd puller? Automatically attract people towards you?Then look no further than this app that has been conjured up for that purpose! You could just whip out your mobile phone and turn into the heart of the party, questioning the crowd on the minutest of trivia, garnering praises resulting in an upheaval in your popularity! But rest assured, it could also very well work as an app to use when alone, brushing up on your knowledge, or just rescinding back to a movie that you have always loved and whose title has merely slipped out of your head. Using this app you will be able to slip back into those days and wear those shoes again, reminiscing the first time you partook in a binge watch of your favorite batman, superman etc. movie series! Basically, it is a compendium of everything that a movie buff would ever want in his life coupled together bit by bit into one awesome application!

Graduating on to the pros and cons, how do you weight the app on standard parameters?
Pros-1. The foremost of the requirement for any app ever built, ease of usage, this application just glides along, there was no noticeable blur or stutter while going on to the next question or rechecking the one before.2. The questions that are displayed on the screen looks very well crafted, well researched and are quite telling upon the efforts put in by the author!3. In the days that the application was used, there was a vigorous and speedy amount of content renewal, never for once having you feel any kind of staleness with respect to the application.4. The application is quite light, with just a meager 175mb of on the board storage requirement, it is a blessing in disguise for memory conscious folks out there.5. The In – App purchases are a sweet addition improving upon the workability of the application, helps you achieve objectives and goals with ease.

Cons-1.Quite addictive, it may be hard to put down your phone and give the weary eyes some much-needed rest.2. A sense of guilt that you get major amounts of the application for free!3. Maybe put some more of foreign movies, to help people foray into uncharted territory?

All in all, this application pretty much fulfills all the criterion that a movie buff may have in mind, constant content upgradations? Check, answers with entailing explanations, check, questions that best the most basic understanding of the slightest and easily overlooked trivia, check, lightness of being and smoothness of UI, check. Improving upon the coolness factor of the bearer, turning him into the in-thing at all the parties, wowing everyone each and every second? Well, i will let you decide that bit when you use this wonderful application. Don’t miss out on the golden opportunity to test yourself on the knowledge of movie trivia that you have garnered over the years and are so proud of flaunting!

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