TryAround: New Fitness & Calorie Counter App for Weight Loss

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TryAround is a new Fitness & calorie counter app designed for those with a rushed life style or who simply struggle when it comes to weight loss. This app is compatible with iPhones running iOS 10.0 and later, and is extremely easy to use, while providing some features which are indispensable for everyone who cares about fitness and a healthy lifestyle. In this review we will provide the pros and cons of this app, as well as it’s audience and main features.


– Dedicated graph for calorie counting per days and months

The app provides a detailed view of the calories burned in a day or in a month, and shows them in a neat format thanks to the graph feature. It manages to provide accurate data by working closely with the Apple Health app, and keeping track of different activities performed in a day. Those having an Apple Watch will be able to benefit from even more accurate reports thanks to the watch’s activity tracking engine, yet it is mandatory to have one.

– Advanced planning per day and activity

TryAround provides users with the ability to plan certain activities by day (date), with a list of over 900 different physical activities included in the app. Not only is one being able to choose between cycling, swimming, boxing and more, but the user can also select how vigorous the training will be, and receive accurate calorie statistics based on this data and duration of training.

– Ability to create personal workout plan and track progress

Not many people are able to afford a personal trainer these days, since they are very costly. However, this app eliminates most of the necessity for such a trainer, since users can create their own personal workout plans on a monthly basis, and track progress thanks to app’s sensors and statistical data. The app shows users detailed stats regarding calorie consumptions per day, and even warns them if the calorie goal has not been completed and what can be done in this regard.

– Advice regarding the exercises for weight loss

TryAround is even able to provide suggestions regarding different exercises which can be performed by users, without special equipment, for weight loss purposes. For this purpose the app uses different metrics which are set up initially, such as weight, height and age. Therefore, recommendations should be safe and adequate for people of all ages.


– No food recommendations

Although food is an essential part of healthy living, the app does not come with a dedicated category for food recommendations. This will hopefully be added in later versions, but until then one can’t help but to follow a healthy eating regime, possibly one recommended by a nutritionist.

– May not be good for older iPhones

This app requires iOS 10.0, so It works very well with iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, and even with iPhone 5 with updated iOS. However, older versions of the iPhone may not be compatible with this app, unless they run iOS 10.0 and have enough spare memory.

– Comes for a price, although not expensive

TryAround costs 6.99USD, a price which may be deemed as fair given that it’s a lot more complex and detailed compared to other free apps in this niche. The license will be good for lifetime, so it can actually be a great investment, yet it’s just to be noted that it does not come for free.


TryAround is a great app for those who are interested in healthy living and losing weight. It may not be perfect, but it does a very good job in providing activity recommendations and keeping track of burned calories. It can even work as a motivator, given the fact that it keeps nagging the user if daily/monthly calorie goal is not reached. We believe it’s worth the cost.

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