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In your leisure time, you might search for online videos on the YouTube and like, share or upload your own videos. Based on your moods and interests, you discover those videos on the app. But, those apps contain the videos of almost every category either good or bad. It’s not like a cream made from the milk. So, it’s difficult to search for that creamy layer on any social media app. Do you understand what I want to tell you? Is there any provision for experiencing the best videos or the cream at a common place?  Last week, I was searching this query on the Internet and have found an awesome app, which is known as Swish Video.

Swish Video is an app which is a dedicated social network platform where the world’s best videos can be found. Filled with great videos, this app runs at your fingertips. The app is designed for the people where they can discover incredible, awesome videos very easily and quickly. This is the only place where you can watch the best videos without taking a break.

Swish Video is the latest app made for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod touch and iPad having  Operating System 9.0 or any later version. Developed by Sling Slot, it’s a brilliant app I have ever seen in my whole journey of life. The app is designed for entertainment purposes only. You can browse for almost 12 video categories and personalize according to your interests. In fact, you’ll see the most amazing, interesting and entertaining video Library with Swish Video.

To join Swish, you need to Sign Up and choose 3 categories of video that you love the most! For example- you can choose from Comedy, Fashion Trends, Food, Music, Sports, Tv Shows, and many more. After that you can continue with the app and happy browsing!

With Swish, you can view your favorite videos in a Full Screen Landscape mode also. The quality of the videos is fully High Definition and the graphics are pretty awesome. You can unleash your amazing video discoveries with your family and friends. You can also review, bookmark and interact with the videos.

The main motive behind creating this app is that when people are looking for a single query on the Internet then thousands of answers appear including their videos. So to get rid of all those irritating moments, Swish is created where it offers a fabulous Library of cool videos all around the world.

You can download the Swish Video app from the iTunes Store for free and you are required to be more than 17 years old to get this app.

So grab it now and explore the best videos all around the world!


  • App filled with cool videos.
  • 12 amazing Video Categories.
  • Share videos with others.
  • Best videos across the web.
  • Exciting social media app.
  • Brilliant video quality.
  • Common platform for video seekers.
  • Free of Cost.


I don’t think there is any disadvantage of using this app. 

Worth Having App – Download the App

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