Lope – The New Solution To Get All Your Errands Done

As a human, we have a lot of tasks to execute every single day. Not only yours but also the errands you have to run for your spouse, kids or office and they all get queued up when you leave them unattended for a day or two. Though there are many apps that help you manage tasks, they are not going to work out one way or the other.

When you take a look on the App Store/Play Store you will find that there are apps to help you manage the tasks but there is only one app that helps you execute all of them. The app Lope created by 2OrgU GmbH is an innovative creation that helps us finish all the tasks and not just manage them.

The main objective of Lope is the lean principle where it calculates the duration of every separate task and the time you require to get them done. It looks for all the free time in your calendar. Based upon this, the app correlates all your work on due and links it with your calendar. Now, you get a clear cut picture of the tasks on due, the free time you have, your priorities and lot more. Lope prioritizes all your tasks the way you would so that you can execute all the tasks that you have not done so far, or either postpone or cancel them so that nothing remains on hold.

Today, Tasks, Menu, Results, Settings, About Lope and Info are the various sections of the Lope app. The results column tells you the tasks that are complete and those that are still pending. Once you finish all your tasks, Lope gives you a value to what you have accomplished so far. It rewards you with more free time and improves your life as it organizes everything. This boosts you up and tells you how productive you have been so far.

I suggest Lope to be the best productivity app on store, suiting both iPhone and Android users. It is available in six different languages. There is no registration, advertisement or subscription to use the app. It is completely free of cost for the first 200 tasks (which is more than enough for a month or two) after which you can make an in-app purchase for 3.49 Euros and continue using it. I am damn sure that every user who get a hang on the app, would never stop using it. Once you get all your tasks/appointments under control, you can enjoy your life without any stress.

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