5 Benefits Of Outsourcing Mobile App Development In 2019

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Companies usually outsource work to external contractors tasks that are not of primary concern. It enables businesses to free up their time and focus on more demanding and urgent projects

Outsourcing has become a common tactic for businesses particularly for the IT and technology industry. Thanks to the meteoric rise in the popularity of smartphones and tablets, mobile app development is one of the hottest industries in the world.

With so many businesses looking to create the next WhatsApp or Angry Birds, it’s important to have the right people doing the right jobs to create an outstanding final product.

Outsourcing can be the solution to these problems and this article is going to explain why.

Here are five benefits of outsourcing mobile app development in 2019.

Reduced Development Costs

Creating an app that works well and looks great is not being to be cheap. According to Digital Authority Partners, for mobile app development companies, keeping costs down to a minimum but still delivering a high-quality product is a top priority.

The best apps are not designed by a team of one. Most apps require large teams to make sure everything is built correctly and runs smoothly from start to finish.

For businesses that haven’t got a large team already, it’s going to cost a lot of money to employ new people in-house to create the app. It’ll require new developers, designers and testers to just name a few key positions.

Especially for companies that want the best people, this will end up costing tens of thousands of dollars a month. For the majority of startups, this isn’t sustainable.

However, by outsourcing the entire development to a mobile app agency, it will cost less money to hire experts in the field. There’s no need to worry about paying salaries, taxes or any other costs of being an employer.

There’s also the fact that the cost of development will be laid out before contracts are signed. Once the price has been agreed, all other costs that become associated with the project are paid by the agency – unless the scope or goal of the project changes.

High-Quality Output

For businesses that don’t have IT experts, app development will take a lot longer to complete before it’s release. There is also a risk that it will not be received well in the marketplace if it has a lot of bugs upon release.

Mobile app outsourcing ensures that none of these issues become a problem. Upon the hiring, tasks can be distributed to the people with the necessary skills for the job.

This means that instead of worrying about why a piece of code prevents the app from working, companies can focus on other important aspects of the business, such as marketing and promotion.

By outsourcing, projects are assured to finish on time and within budget while still producing high-quality results. Plus, in the event that they do not meet expectations, costs can be subsidized by the outsourcing agency in return for late delivery.

Ongoing Tech Support

Once the app has been developed, work does not stop there. Updates will have to be made in order to meet customer expectations and demands. At the end of the day, keeping customers happy is key to preventing the app from being uninstalled.

There are many updates that an app will require, such as security updates, adding extra content if the app becomes outdated and finding new ways to profit from the app.

In the case a customer spots a problem within the app, it helps to have a development team on hand to assist. Problems can be put to bed quickly and the app updated with the required improvements.

By outsourcing to an agency, businesses can rest easy knowing they have people in place that can help with any update the app may require down the line, from deployment to ongoing tech support.

Terms will all be agreed during the negotiation phase. Once the agreement is in place, there’s no need to expect any surprise costs of updating the app. This makes budgeting easier and ensures customer satisfaction remains a priority.

Improved Business Efficiency

For startup businesses, getting the product to market quickly is the difference between success and failure. Too much time spent on development can result in a market trend that sees it deemed irrelevant in the current market, or a competitor seizing on your delay and jumping into the space.

This is where outsourcing becomes very useful. Agencies will know exactly what to look for when hiring their teams so they can ensure they only bring the best possible talent on board.

Experience with the market is key to a successful and prompt launch. An agency’s experience can help to tackle a range of objectives so the app can be in a customer’s hands quickly.

It’s just as important to an outsourcing agency that the app meets deadlines and becomes a success. They want to keep companies on their books for as long as possible, as well as their referrals and other projects for the future.

Diversifying And Scaling Team Skills

Hiring an external app development agency will help to enhance the skills of the in-house team. It will also help to scale costs effectively too.

For example, if more money is required to promote the app at an event pre-launch, costs can be cut in other areas without having an impact on the overall development strategy.

On the other hand, in terms of scaling up and hiring more team members, it becomes a lot easier to bring in professionals because, again, the agency has the development strategy covered.

This also looks attractive to businesses looking to receive investment for company growth. They can show to respective investors that the development team is secure as it’s being taken care of by a reputable agency.


Outsourcing is key to mobile app development in 2019. Different agencies will be better suited for each individual project. However, all the benefits listed in this article remain true for each one.

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