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Mobile based games are often dismissed as a domain of the unsophisticated or that of the couch potatoes. But not many are aware that these stimulated worlds can provide really tangible benefits in real life. There are many benefits of playing mobile based games which include, improved problem solving skills, healthy brain stimulation and stress relief. People who regularly played games have better manual dexterity i.e. they can perform advanced hand operations faster. Gaming is also a great boost for the grey matter. With a multitude of games on the internet, there are many ways through which you can improve your cerebral capacity. With the advent of the VR games, people can now discover all sorts of new abilities in themselves. They are a fun way of getting tricked into learning something new. Every parent will find it useful to see that their child can be easily prompted into learning when it involves playing a game. With video games people become more persistent. Mobile games tend to give more confident to the players and motivate them to easily work through their goals.

‘microBlaster’ is a mobile based game that is a shooting game.

Developed by:

microBlaster’ is designed and developed by ‘R. J. Kahalany Interactive’.

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘microBlaster’ app on your mobile phone or any other devices that are suitable for the game. Now launch it on your device and enter your name to begin the game. Now start playing and shoot the upcoming infections. Navigate the microbe ship through the complex veins inside the human body and destroy the microbe infection. Shoot the infections before they get past the ship.

Features of the app:

‘microBlaster’ has many cool and exciting features which are listed here.

  • Fun and challenging game
  • HD graphic game play
  • Never ending game
  • Shoot and win game points

Compatible with:

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