Pre-K Preschool Games For Kids – Educate Your Toddler!

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Your little one now has been trying to play with your iPad as they were old enough to grab and hold it. But now they are toddlers, and you might have decided that it is the best time to loosen up the reins and allow them to explore more. There is no shortage of iPad applications, which is available for toddlers that are both engaging as well as educational. I installed the app Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids, which helped my kid to keep her challenged. This app is developed with the help of educational experts and teachers. It is completely designed for preschool and kindergarten kids. 

Educational app for toddlers 

You have to know that the toddler’s app is one of the great things for the parent to teach their kids by themselves. If you are thinking about giving your kids apps to play with, we all worried about the overdoing screen time. So, you can teach them for one hour using this app. It is enough to learn about things for a day. This application offers from alphabets to tons of many other explorations such as animals, fruits, vegetables, and a lot more. They are now optimized for their performance to give a better user experience. 

There are a variety of things that your child keeps on learning through this application, and the contents are as follows,

  • Basic alphabets from lower case to upper case letters, numbers, shapes, and colors.
  • Indoor games, including kitchen & dining, furniture, living room, and toys.
  • Alphabets, body parts, type of clothes.
  • Outdoor games such as at the school, garden, beach, park, and vehicles.
  • The information included fruits, food, flowers, vegetables, and nature.
  • Pet animals, wild animals, sea animals, and a lot more.

Great features 

When you are choosing the app, it should impact your kid in a positive way. With the help of the Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids, your kid can learn something new. As it is one of the best educational apps for toddlers, it aims to educate, assist early learning, help the kids to grow cognitively, and sharpen their motor skills. Here are some of the best features of this app,

  • More than 130 plus game levels of each game
  • Unique and innovative game selection for toddlers 
  • Having fun sound effects which interact with the kids
  • Simple user-interface, so that kids can handle it
  • Free app and no Wi-Fi is needed 
  • Voice narration using an animated character called Marina 
  • No advertisements 

With the help of this app, your kid will have a positive influence. So, it is best to keep them interested as well as engaged. Download this app from the App store. The app is rated five stars from the users. 

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