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WhatsApp is a free application that can be used to make phone calls, video calls and send messages with our contacts with the internet connection enabled. You needn’t bother with the mobile balance to utilize WhatsApp on the off chance that you have Internet data pack, and you can move the information effectively including the music, the pictures and videos. All you require is a good internet connectivity to utilize WhatsApp. If you wish to download and save posts from apps that do not let you save or download statuses, then the ‘WhatsApp status Downloader’ app is the correct application for you. Save from WhatsApp, WhatsApp business, Facebook, Instagram, tiktok. By utilizing this application you can save, download any pictures, recordings or post from WhatsApp, WhatsApp business, Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok recordings including musically video download that you love.

WhatsApp Status Downloader’ app is an app that is able to download statuses on any contacts directly from the app.

Developed by:

‘WhatsApp Status Downloader’ was designed and developed by Jame Infotech.

How the app works:To make this works, you first need to open the official WhatsApp and go to status and watch them. Now use theWhatsApp downloader and it will show you all watched statuses here that you can save, share and do many more. You can also use the WhatsApp status downloader to download statuses and posts from social media such as WhatsApp business, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. This app does not require the permission of the person whose status you are downloading and keep complete privacy. It also supports Dual app option if you have it pre installed in your device.

Features of the app:

‘WhatsApp Status Downloader’ has many exciting features which are,

  • You Can Save, Share and Delete your buddy’s WhatsApp status.
  • Delete not used standing from extended moment.
  • Save, Share and Delete your buddy’s WhatsApp business standing at no cost.
  • Save, Share, and Re-Post your pals Instagram informative article, videos and graphics.
  • Save, Share, and Re-Post your buddies Instagram narrative, videos and graphics.
  • Download Any Facebook movie and use it as you would like.
  • WhatsApp Direct – Send message into some WhatsApp amount without saving amount. You can also select number from current call list.
  • Download Save, Share and Publish your Parallel Space at No Cost.

Compatible with:

‘WhatsApp Status Downloader’is compatible with Android versions 2.3 and above.



  • Thisapp is not affiliated with official WhatsApp app. It is a tool for WhatsApp video, image and/or GIFs download.
  • We respect the copyright of the owners. So please DO NOT download or repost the videos, photos and media clips without owners’ permission.

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