To be honest, I haven’theard about the “Uber for private airplanes” concept until very recently, while running into an ad offering individual seats on private turbo-props for less than 200 dollars. The ultra-conservative business aviation sector is likely one of the last to be digitized and I welcomed the offer with lots of enthusiasm. After all, who wouldn’t like to enjoy the comfort of flying private while paying the price tag of Premium Economy?

That offer came from Flapper, a business aviation platform which professionally presents the best positioned and equipped aircraft for a given mission. Browsing through available shared flights and on-demand charters I immediately became fascinated about the concept.

Why we love it

  • It draws together 450 plus aircraft to deliver the best experience.
  • Weekend getaways and popular business destinations handpicked to you.
  • Unprecedented fleet availability with more than 2 million possible route combinations.
  • Fixed prices and a guaranteed departure on selected shared flights (i.e. no minimum).
  • Mobile payments and payments by instalments (!). The company accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, Elo, and others!
  • Receive real-time notifications with empty leg offer.
  • Panoramic flights, on-demand.

What you have to know before booking with Flapper

  • Need 15 to 60 minutes to confirm the availability of the charter aircraft.
  • Flapper works exclusively with certified air carriers, i.e. those with valid Part 135 or Part 121 license to commercialize their flights.
  • There are no check-ins and no lines at the airport since the flights departure from private hangars.
  • You still have to pass through security check at most times.
  • The crew, including pilots, will administer the first aid or emergency action plan in case if anyone underwent ill health.
  • The company accepts pets.

Flapper weekly flights are available on the routeSão Paulo (Campo de Marte) – Angra dos Reis. More than 10 high-season routes, as well as transfers to the finest events all around Brazil complement the best shared flights offer.

Final Say

For upscale commuters and knowledgeable air taxi users Flapper is the best way to book private flights in Latam. We are looking forward to the launch of new routes and features as the company strives to democratize private aviation.

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