5 Best PDF Compressor Apps for Android and iPhone

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You can see that people are typically prone to issues while converting a file to a particular format. If you take a look at professionals, they are generally considered a tool to convert or compress a file. So, what if you want to reduce the pdf file size? Quit worrying, thanks to an online PDF compressor that is designed to compress or reduce the file size of PDF within no time.

No doubt that PDF is a well-known format that is packed with different content and never messes up with the original form. Once you compressed PDF files, you can be able to upload, print, and send them within a minute by email. However, it becomes easy to reduce and compress PDF files on Android and iOS devices. We have the best PDF compressor apps that assist you to reduce a couple of MBs into some KBs.

Adobe Acrobat Reader For PDF:

Adobe Acrobat Reader works as the best online pdf reducer app and even the most downloaded app for android and iOS devices. If we talk about it earlier, Adobe software was only available for PC/laptop only! But now you could readily download it on your Android devices. Adobe is indicated as the most trusted site by millions of users around the globe. This app allows you to edit, sign in on documents, and even convert in PDF manager.

For desktop users, theonlineconverter.com is the best way to get a free PDF compressor to reduce PDF file size while preserving the original layout.

Foxit Mobile PDF:

Foxit is indicated as another PDF reducer online that helps you to shrink PDF without losing its quality. This online converter app lets you add notes, view, and even protect your PDF documents. Don’t fret, you could readily compress PDF files in PowerPoint, Words, and Excel with the assistance of this online PDF compressor. While compressing PDF files, this handy app lets users view audio and video files as well. Unlike other PDF file reducer apps, it is loaded with connected PDF that provides you with security, intelligence, collaboration services for PDF files.

PDF Compressor- Compress PDF File Size:

This app work as the best PDF shrinker app through which user can easily compress and upload the file instantly. Easy to compress PDF files while preserving every single element of PDF. This online PDF reducer is completely free and even work efficiently offline. Also, apart from pdf compress, this app lets you compress many documents and files and even upload the compressed PDF file on the cloud system or send it to email.

PDF Reader- Document Expert:

Account this best PDF compressor for reading, editing, and even sharing any PDF document files on any device. You could use this PDF reducer application on your device and even transfer/share on the cloud. This app works tremendously with the compressed PDF file size in Mac or Windows computers.

This handy app supports PDF, text, ePub as well as image file formats that assist you to compress PDF to 100kb or even lower size. You could now upgrade the PDF Reader app with Document 365 application that swiftly unlocks all the features such as:

  • Margins
  • Rotating
  • Re-arranging
  • Night view mode for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac

Compress PDF – PDF File Compressor:

Compressing PDF is only a couple of steps away with this PDF compressor that is available for both Android/iPad devices. This best version of the app supports an unlimited number of PDF compressions. Now, you could readily perform the PDF file compression action from your device storage or via platforms like Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, etc.

This handy app is well-known for providing the fastest PDF document compression experience using your Android and iPhone. Say goodbye to other PDF reducer applications as this app keeps the quality of the original file. However, this shrink PDF app does not consume the phone resource and even assists in conserving battery usage.

Let’s Conclude:

What if you preferred to share a small PDF file instead of a large one! Well, install any one of the discussed PDF compressor apps for Android and iOS devices to swiftly compress PDF documents. Well, if you think that we missed any important app that helps in pdf compressing, then feel free to suggest us right now. Thanks!

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