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In the past, I have been through a lot of bubble shooting games and I’ve hardly experienced any difference between all of them. However, the graphics, ratings, and the interface of the app may differ a lot. But, the concept will always be the same of all the bubble shooting games. I really admire the works of two different developers of similar apps. They fill their pockets through this platform, but, according to me, there needs to be a regular change in the apps and their concept if you want to bump a dead thread. Otherwise, it will be boring and only you will be the player. What if I introduce you to a bundle of bubble shooting games on a single platform? Let’s see if they are another duplicate or have the same potential to be played by you every day.

I am talking about the new webapp known as Bubble shooter.net, where you will find more than 200 types of bubble shooter games on a single platform. You can choose randomly and play any game of your choice. For example- bubble shooter pro, bubble shooter extreme, bubble woods, solitaire classic, zoo boom and so many other games. Well, this is about the bubble shooter platform which I have introduced. Now, let’s talk about the game. Do you know what a bubble shooter game is? There are a lot of bubbles at the top of the screen which are of different colors. As the game starts, bubbles start coming in the middle of your screen and you have to shoot them by firing a ball of any color provided. For example- red with red bubbles, green with green color bubbles and so on. Then you will get the points if you hit the correct group of bubbles. But, you have to be fast and accurate as you’re always running against the fast paced time.

The graphics of all the apps are very unique in their own way. Some are very crisp and beautiful, some are elegant, attractive and have many other features. You will always find a reason to play one of the games from this bubble shooter platform. Maybe it’s addictive gameplay and you’ll be eager to play more and more games. But, this bubble shooter.net platform is very safe and super amazing to find so many bubble shooter games under one single roof. It’s a great opportunity for those who like playing these kinds of games and are confused about choosing the right app to download.

When you click on the link, a page will be displayed where you will see so many gaming apps of bubble shooter and you can click one at a time and get the app and play. It’s as easy as you think. It’s a user friendly app which is available for all the Android as well as App users. So I would recommend this app to each and every person, whether kids, adults or old people who love gaming. It’s super addictive and you’ll never get bored! Try it now!

Pros: all bubble shooter apps in one platform; all-in-one app; easy to play; more than 200 games; super addictive; free to use.

Cons: none.

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