EnglishSharingApps by Ka Chun Law

Genuinely, people grew up with a wide range of mobile apps, so when popular genres are launched, they can’t help but want to check them out, which is exactly what happened with EnglishSharingApps developed by Ka Chun Law.

If users are looking for a unique app to immerse themselves in this weekend, then EnglishSharingApps will not disappoint. The app is exclusively qualitative once you get the hang of the unique things.

EnglishSharingApps has made it possible for users to send messages in English to their friends. It facilitates instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp and KakaoTalk. In addition, the text recognition from images is also supported. This excellent app will appeal to anyone looking for a change.

The users can send messages in English through three categories: basic sentences, greetings, and love. The English sentences you can send are as follows.

Simple Basic Sentences

Hello, I am delighted to see you. Thank you, what is your favorite pastime? My hobby is traveling; what do you do? , Good evening


Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Have a nice day, happy birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Mothers’ Day, and Happy Father’s Day.


I love you, and I miss you.

You can add an English sentence to the photo in addition to sending messages in English. Also supported is the extraction of text from images. Everything is handled correctly as you explore many notable features that demonstrate or sincerely enumerate how much effort was put into the app during phases of development.

Important Features of EnglishSharingApps

  • Some Basic English words and sentences, such as “hello…” can be shared via WhatsApp and Kakaotalk…
  • Insert an English sentence into the photo.
  • Text extraction from image text recognition from an image is also supported.

Final Thoughts

EnglishSharingApps developed by Ka Chun Law is something that’s so much different on the App Store Market, which is always refreshing to experience these days.


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