Why Aren’t People Clicking on Your Ads?

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Knowing how to write Call to Action (CTA) is a valuable skill in the marketing world. With so much content being created, ads can quickly become forgettable or redundant, adding to the marketing noise. A good CTA, on the other hand, can entice anyone. With most people skimming over what they see online, the CTA has become an essential part of an ad campaign. In this section, we will go over four CTA techniques for generating leads.


Since the CTA is so significant, you must ensure it is ideally placed. This can be adeptly accomplished in a variety of ways. Some may prefer careful placement, such as on a website’s most popular page, whereas others may place the CTA wherever possible. The latter strategy actively increases the likelihood that your relevant audience will notice and click on your CTA, but you risk your brand being perceived as redundant or annoying. Using key metrics to determine which pages your audience spends the most time on will assist you in making an informed placement decision.


Great CTAs are brief and to the point. They aren’t overly complicated or artistic. The best CTAs are straightforward, sometimes with as few as three words. They provide you with an action to take and explain how you will benefit.

Here are some excellent examples:                       

  • “Sign up — it’s free!” says Trello.
  • “Get Spotify for free!”
  • “Ride and save,” says Lyft.
  • “Click to save!” says the Social Media Examiner.

As you can view, these are all short and to the point, with no “fluffy” language used. They are memorable and easy to read, allowing readers to act.

Incentivize Returning Customers

After a customer has completed the checkout process at your store, could you give them a reason to return? Something drew them to you first; now is your chance to make them lifelong customers.

After they check out, there may be a CTA on the receipt page. “20% OFF YOUR NEXT ITEM,” it could say in big, bold letters. Again, that is a concise way of expressing your point. Even if you only glance at your receipt, it’s simple to understand.

Make It Urgent, Irresistible, and Gratifying

With several ads out there, you must stand out and stand out in such a way that a customer takes the desired action right away. How often do people see a CTA and think, “I’ll remember to look into that later,” only never to do so? Give your customers a reason to click that link by exchanging something.

Final Take

Overall, it is easy for ads to get lost in the shuffle of messaging, but with a strategic CTA, you will stand out. Try incorporating these tips into your next CTA and tracking your leads! Continue adjusting until you’ve discovered what works best for your company.

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