Tallileo – All in 1 Money App

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The Tallileo app is adept with many features that get the job done. No more overlapping signs and Tallileo is your one and only true friend for a delightful financial journey.

Generate all of your finances together under one roof. Expenses, accounts, credit card bills, budgets, categorization, loans, investments, insurance, bill payments, mutual funds, bucket list items, occasions, friends, subscriptions, and purchases are all expenses.

Tallileo Has a Lot of Features

  • monitor your finances
  • automatically track all of your expenses
  • Real-time tracking of all your investments
  • keep track of all your credit card purchases
  • Keep track of all of your accounts in one place. It covers everything from cryptocurrency to banks to wallets.
  • In event mode, track expenses for a specific event.


  • Save for the future in various accounts such as emergency and retirement.
  • Use a bucket list to save for your dream purchases.
  • Increase the value of your savings and bucket list items by investing in funds.


  • Split costs with friends and family
  • whole dashboard to see who owes whom and how much
  • see the updated data in your finance dashboard
  • Pay off debts with friends with a single click of the UPI button
  • If enabled, automatic debit of debt, which instantly settles payments
  • Invite friends to events to take primarily sharing to a whole new level.


  • Maintain your investment portfolio directly within Tallileo.
  • Use your existing brokers to invest in stocks, mutual funds, and other schemes.
  • Use Tallileo to manage your family portfolio.
  • Monitor stock prices in real-time.


  • a completely new budgeting model developed for Tallileo’s users
  • Use our advanced budgeting model to stay on top of your finances.
  • Keep track of your monthly expenses and relevant income to stay on track with your budget.


  • look at your data categorization
  • financial dashboards to assist you in better understanding your financial data
  • suggested actionable insights based on your financial data
  • eye-catching charts and reports that present your finances in an easy-to-understand format


  • payment of bills
  • Bill-tracking that is automated
  • The reminder of bill/subscription payments
  • Pay your credit card bills and receive a reward

Additional Features

  • Your information is synced in real-time, and it moves with you.
  • advanced settings to tailor your app to your specific requirements
  • built-in calculator to help you quickly calculate essential numbers on the go
  • Import information from other sources such as bank statements, YNAB, Splitwise, etc.
  • Save your data in PDF and Excel formats.
  • A home screen widget on the phone for quick access to Tallileo.

Final Words

There will be no more shifting through multiple apps. Get your finances under one roof, from insurance to loans, expenses to savings, and credit cards to cryptocurrency.

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