Clap To Find My Phone is a free app developed by Background Changer, Eraser & Booth Photo Editor that helps you find your phone in any room or drawer. With features like a flashlight on call, flash alert on notification & SMS, SMS & Caller name talker, call blocking, Battery level alert and PIN protection; it’s a great tool to have on your phone.

Features of Clap To Find My Phone

Find My Phone

The Find My Phone section of the app allows you to enable or disable the feature, as well as adjust settings to customize the experience. You can select a ringtone of your choice, or you can choose from your storage with the button below “Choose tone from phone”.

Flash Alerts and DND

If you want the flash on incoming calls or messages, you can enable flash alerts from this option. This includes two toggles for calls & SMS. Settings include flash mode, notification setting, flash count, blinking speed and DND mode settings.

Call Block

The Clap to Find My Phone app has call blocking features which allow you to add any number from your contact list or selected to the blocklist in the application.

Caller & SMS Name Announcer

This feature shows the name of the person who had made a call or SMS to you. You can set prefixes and suffixes, as well as SMS settings and speech speed.

Charger Disconnect & Battery Alert

You can set the tone when your phone is connected or disconnected from the charger. It alerts when the battery level drops below a selected percentage. It also allows you to protect your phone with a PIN security system while the Charging mode is on.

Don’t Touch My Phone

If you want to receive an alarm when someone touches your phone, you can use the “Don’t Touch” feature. Features include flash setting, tone selection, PIN protection system and volume setting.

Main Functionality Access Permissions

Answer Phone Calls: Answer phone calls permission in this app is used to block calls which are added to the blocklist in the application. (for Android 8 and below). Read Phone Status: Read phone status permission (for flash alerts during incoming calls) in this application to get the status of any ongoing call. Bind Accessibility Service: The Bind Accessibility Service permission is used in the application to monitor device actions to receive flash alerts while receiving notifications.

Final Words

Clap To Find My Phone is a great app to have on your phone, especially if you’re prone to misplacing it. It has a range of features, from call blocking to a battery alert, that make it a comprehensive tool for keeping track of your phone. It also has a number of security features, such as a PIN protection system, so you can be sure that your phone is safe.


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