Build’n Play Solo Word Game: Engaging, Personalized and Endless Fun

Experience the thrill of building and playing your favourite crossword board games with Build’n Play. This innovative app offers a unique and intuitive user interface that allows you to create and enjoy solo word games in just a matter of minutes.

The standout feature of Build’n Play is its simplicity and versatility. With a few taps, you can construct your own crossword board game, tailored to your preferences. Whether you’re a fan of classic word games like Scrabble or enjoy more modern titles like Words with Friends, WordFeud, or Word Chums, this app has got you covered. Unleash your inner word master and conquer the game using different strategies that suit your style!

The app comes with four expertly crafted crossword board games: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. Each game promotes unique gameplay strategies, allowing you to sharpen your word-building skills. However, the true magic lies in the ability to personalize these games to mirror any Scrabble-like crossword board game you desire. From the classic Scrabble setup to the Word Chums’ bonus points system, you have the freedom to customize and create the perfect game for endless entertainment.

The Standout Feature of Build’n Play

Simple and Intuitive UI: Building your custom crossword board game is a breeze. Just follow a few easy steps, select your desired board size (15×15, 13×13, 11×11, or 9×9), choose your preferred dictionary, and select tiles from Scrabble or other word games. Customize the game board further by dragging and dropping special squares like double letters, triple letters, double words, and more.

Multiple Board Sizes and Special Squares: Enjoy games on various board sizes and make use of special squares to maximize your scores. Whether you prefer a compact 11×11 board or a classic 15×15 setup, the app adapts perfectly to your device’s screen size.

Solo Play against AI: Challenge yourself with solo gameplay against up to two AI opponents. Test your skills and strategy as you navigate through the game and aim for victory.

Six AI Skill Levels: Choose from six AI skill levels, ranging from beginner to master. Adjust the difficulty to match your expertise and push your limits as you progress.

Built-in Guru Support: Need a little assistance? Consult the Guru for guidance. Get hints on the best possible plays, or ask for feedback on your previous moves. With a wealth of knowledge and extensive word libraries, the Guru ensures you’re never stuck for long.

Whether you’re a seasoned word game enthusiast or a casual player looking for engaging solo fun, Build’n Play Solo Word Game offers endless possibilities. Step into a world where you can build, play, and challenge yourself with your favourite crossword board games.


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