Are you equipped to put your math skills to the test in a thrilling and mentally stimulating game? Look no further than ‘Sum: Simple Math Puzzle’, where addition becomes an exciting adventure!

Master the art of making correct sums in a 3×3 grid filled with numbers, all against the ticking clock. The challenge lies in finding as many correct combinations as possible before time runs out.

Game Modes that Bring Fun and Intensity to Basic Math

Dive into four captivating game modes, each offering a unique twist on the math puzzle experience:

Classic: Race against time for 90 intense seconds, with every correct sum rewarding you with extra time. Be careful, though, as an incorrect sum can cost you precious seconds!

Rush: Experience pure adrenaline as you strive to make as many correct combinations as possible in just 90 seconds. It’s a fast-paced challenge where every second counts.

Infinity: Need a moment to unwind or sharpen your skills at your own pace? Enjoy the relaxed, untimed experience of Infinity mode, perfect for refining your abilities.

Epic: If you crave a good challenge, Epic mode presents you with a given sum upfront. Your mission is to find the numbers within the grid that add up to the sum, adhering to the time rules.

Improve your mental agility by mastering the game’s rules: select the sum first, and then choose the two numbers that add up to it. Remember, the correct combination follows the order of sum = number1 + number2.

As you progress through levels, you’ll earn bonus time to reach even greater heights. Classic mode provides ample opportunities to earn bonus points, adding to the excitement.

But that’s not all! ‘Sum: Simple Math Puzzle’ offers a range of features, including various difficulty levels to keep the challenge fresh, the ability to compete with friends, offline mode for uninterrupted play, a compact size that won’t overwhelm your device, a visually pleasing user interface, and detailed statistics to track your progress and enhance your performance.

Math isn’t just about numbers; it’s about logic, speed, and fun! ‘Sum: Simple Math Puzzle’ combines all these elements into an addictive game that entertains while enhancing your mental agility. Embrace the challenge and enjoy the scientifically proven brain-training exercise that stimulates faster thinking and response.

Elevate Your Mental Skills with ‘Sum: Simple Math Puzzle’

Get ready to embark on this intriguing math-based puzzle journey? Download ‘Sum: Simple Math Puzzle’ today from the App Store and immerse yourself in an engaging, rewarding, and mind-enhancing gaming experience. Get ready to level up your math skills and have a blast while doing it

Sum - Simple Math Puzzle: Engage Your Mind with Captivating Math Challenges

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