How to Bet on Surfing from the USA

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Surfing is a thrilling, adventurous activity that many people do for recreation. Surfing culture really took off in the 1960s with the Beach Boys playing surf music and various surf movies getting worldwide attention. It is now a professional sport with popular competitions all over the world running throughout the year. 

In 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court made a decision that would allow individual states to legalize sports gambling. Many states now allow sports gambling, and placing bets on the NFL, NBA, and other major leagues is very popular. Surf betting is still in its infancy. For this reason, it may give you a competitive advantage to know more about it. 

Surf betting odds

All you need to do to participate in US sports betting is to select a legal online casino, register, and make a deposit. This enables you to place your bets. You can often claim a bonus on your first deposit. 

At present, bookmakers only really give odds on major surfing competitions. This could quickly change as betting on surfing grows. Online sportsbooks often change odds as a specific event approaches. You can then look for the best and latest betting odds for a popular championship. 

Sportsbooks that offer odds on professional surfing make use of the money line. Surfers have a + or – with a dollar value attached to them. Betting odds during the 2022 season showed John Florence at +300. If you made a bet of $100 on John Florence to win the 2022 Championship at +300, you won $300. When you bet on a favorite, your winnings are less than if you bet on a long shot like Miguel Pupo at +12,500. 

Types of bets

When playing various casino games you can place many different types of bets. When betting on surfing, you are basically picking overall winners and not much more. In the Olympics, you could bet on the top three medal winners. Depending on the betting site, you could also place a head-to-head bet. 

You would choose who would score higher between two surfers of identical rank. You win if the surfer you bet on wins. The types of betting available in surfing usually depend on the event and field size. In larger competitions, you will have more ways to bet. 

Big surfing events to bet on

You can bet on some of the finest surfers in the world when they take part in the World Surf League (WSL) championship. It is the highest-level competition held on an annual basis for men and women. 

There are 11 events, and the top five men and women from the season go head to head at the final event. This year, the final will take place at Lower Trestles in San Clemente. This is one of the best tournaments to bet on for beginners. You can easily research the background and professional performance of surfers online. 

Surfing has also become an Olympic event so you can bet on this every four years. Other notable events include the ASP World Tour and the Hawaiian Pro. The ASP Tour involves several global events. The Hawaiian Pro attracts some of the most prominent names in surfing. The O’Neal World Cup is like the Super Bowl of surfing. 

Know the competitors 

Always know the competitors before you bet on surfing. This involves conducting some research. You can check out their history and performance in recent events. The weather conditions can also affect your bets. Some surfers perform better in certain conditions than others. Your love for surfing can give you an edge in placing bets as you probably have more knowledge about the surfers and how they perform in certain conditions than others. 

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