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AreaVibes is an online web database, which provides valuable information on over 20,000 cities and neighborhoods across the United States and specializes in providing livability scores based on each city’s relevant and critical living factors and data. The company has been involved in developing and releasing a free new application, namely the AreaVibes Livability Widget that allows its users as well as other corporations to share the key data and information directly through their websites. This is a valuable announcement and advantage for the real estate agents as they can save a great deal of time and focus on sales instead of explaining the technical details to their customers.

The widget requires a fairly simple installation process involving three basic steps. Once you have decided to make use of the AreaVibes Livability Widget, which is available for free, first you have to select the city and its size. It is also possible to modify the colors to make sure that the widget integrates well with all websites.

Select reports to add to your Widget:

AreaVibes Livability Widget enjoys a unique point of difference by accompanying the city’s national rank, based on its overall score out of 100 in the AreaVibe Scoring System. It also gives a ranking to the city within its own state. This shows the position of the city and its level within its particular state. The AreaVibe algorithm assigns this total score based on the Areavibe scoring overview, demographic information and the cost of living calculator.

Areavibe scoring overview:

The AreaVibe scoring overview includes the important metrics of a particular city including housing, employment, transportation, health and safety, cost of living, education, crime rates, weather, local businesses and even the user reviews. According to the AreaVibe Scoring System, higher the score, better the city.


The AreaVibes scoring system offers demographic information for each city, which includes its population, marital status, racial breakdown, qualification status, cost of living index, crime index, air quality index, income per capita, household income, home value, rental charges and average one way commute.

Cost of living calculator:

Cost of living is an important factor that most of the users look for before moving to a particular city. The AreaVibes scoring system also calculates the cost of living in that particular city through the cost of living calculator, which includes cost of living index, goods and services index, groceries index, health care index, housing index, transportation index and utilities index. If a particular city’s cost of living index is not available, you can estimate from the nearby cities.

The livability information on the websites are extremely useful not only for the real estate agents but also for locals, vacationers, and especially those who are planning to relocate and would want to know some quintessential information about the area they are going to live in. The biggest beneficiaries are the people considering relocation as they gain critical knowledge about the new place right at the comfort of their own house and free of cost!

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