Friend In Palm : A Friend in Need, Assistant Indeed

by | May 8, 2013 | Android Apps | 1 comment

Friend In Palm (FIP Assistant) is a truly unique android app with a concept unlike any other. With this app, you can virtualize any friend of your choice and animate their facial features as per your commands. If this is not fun enough, then you can select an accent from a range covering US English to Australian.

Friend In Palm (FIP Assistant) makes use of the iPhone Siri features and enhances it by adding more to it. Simply upload a picture of anybody, including family, friends or celebs. Once this is done, you no longer have just a voice speaking to you but also have a picture of that person. Thus, you can add a unique touch to your phone and give it an edge over the conventional ones. You can personalize your phone to make it yours.

With this app, you can step into a different kind of virtual world by using the app to perform a variety of tasks in a simple way. This includes news reading, general information, comprehensive location services, GPS services, weather, real time information and a lot more. There’s so much you can do, ranging from calling a person while driving to sending mails and texts to updating your Facebook status to searching on Google or Amazon to setting alarms. All you have to do is ask it to do the task and it will perform it flawlessly.

Friend In Palm (FIP Assistant) is not limited to simply performing tasks or adding pictures. It is about balancing emotions. To do this, the app emotes. It can be your favorite celeb and laugh, share jokes or talk or a long lost close friend or a companion when you feel lonely or a funnyman to respond to silly questions and make silly faces at you or an intelligent assistant or a friend to share a moment with or someone missing their family dearly.

An amusing feature of this app is that the photo that you set for each person is animated to talk as the face of this app. Searching the web for specific things is made easy with this unique app. Google Maps has also been integrated within this app to give you directions. Also, you can keep yourself updated with the latest information about the weather, stock market, news and a lot more.

To sum things up, Friend In Palm (FIP Assistant) app acts not only as a virtual friend but also as an intelligent artificial assistant that is available round the clock for you. It helps you deal with all kinds of emotional crises and amuses you when you want it. Furthermore, it helps you personalize your phone in a singular manner.

As your assistant, it can perform a wide array of tasks for you to make your life easier. It integrates your social networks and search engine into one powerful packet that works effectively to give you the best results. All the tasks you ask for are performed by a voice command. You get to see technology at its best and in its most consolidated and integrated form at your personal service in this awesome app.

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