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You must have seen several funny and interesting quotes on Facebook and other social networking website, presented in a beautiful manner. These types of quotes, when presented with a beautiful themes receive a lot of applauds, likes and comments, and people really want to share those quotes with their friends and family. This increases the popularity that you have and you tend to get more friends than what you have ever imagined. If you don’t know how to achieve the same, then the new app on iTunes has the answer. inStatus is an app that can let you design beautiful photos with even more beautiful quotes on it.

If you were thinking what to do to make the quotes like professionals, then inStatus is the answer. The app comes with text editor that would let you create quotes in 89 fonts. The backgrounds and templates available in the app are designed by some of the best designers in the world which make them the primary choice for people who love template quotes. Try this free app for once and you will explore a new world of creativity and fun. You can share the pictures through Facebook, Instagram and twitter and collect kudos from your friends. There are several photo effects in the app that would make your pictures look creative.


  • inStatus is a photo and quotes app that can be used to give a professional touch to your creation.
  • There are 89 fonts to choose from when you design the picture.
  • There are more than 50 backgrounds to choose from in the app. You can also use the photos from your album in the app and give your quotes and lines a personal touch.
  • There are more than 100 colors which are preloaded in the app.
  • There can be multiple text layers in this app, each layer having its own individuality.
  • You can perfect your design by using the undo and redo button.
  • The changes you make will be auto-saved in the picture, so that you never lose a design after spending a lot of time on the same.
  • You can add several effects to your photos.
  • The operation of the app is quite uncomplicated.
  • You can share the photos through social networking websites.
  • There are several in app purchases in the app extending your scope of creativity. With such purchases you can get more than 240 backgrounds.
  • You can shake your device to get random funny quotes.
  • The ratio of the picture can be different for different pictures and you can choose them according to your requirement.
  • The version 1.1 of the app is available for iOS 5.1 and later.
  • The app takes around 42.8 MB space on your device.

Summary: inStatus is a beautiful app of photo editing which involves a lot of creativity and quotes to make you absolutely popular on your social profile.

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