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While there are many tools available for handling a variety of tasks ranging from password managers to cloud to social media to task management, the present generation is looking for an app that combines all of these into one. We require a feature-rich office tool to satisfy all our needs. With regards to designing and layout tools for publishing, Lucidpress is emerging as a triumphant web-based app in the market. The set of features is splendid and is available for free.

Lucidpress has taken web apps to a whole new level and gone a step further from being just basic. Once you design a rich printing template, sharing it can be an issue due to incompatibility. To solve this, Lucidpress allows you to develop rich prints and then share them easily. The design is such that it is convenient and suits the present work scenario. You can also sync with traditional desktop applications like Google Drive, Dropbox and more by importing text and images from them.

To begin with, there is a choice between a blank design and a template. Create entirely original work with a blank document or work on an existing one. Another feature that gives it an edge is that you can save team templates or personal templates for future use. This saves you a good amount of time and effort in the future.

Working with this app is a cakewalk right from the very beginning. You have to start by signing up and then you can create documents. Go for a template or blank design as per your need and get going with editing it. Adding media like videos, images and interactive elements is very simple with a drag and drop. You control everything from layout controls to layers to typography. Learning to use this app takes only a few minutes.

Setting out the layout and arranging items on the app is as easy as could possibly get. The page layout is very simple. With a few clicks, you can create your own documents and customize the layouts. You can collaborate with others and share documents with your team. There is an editing pane for your team to respond on chat too. You can also use documents from desktop applications on your mobile device using this app.

There is a host of tools for formatting and editing your documents on this web-app. There are options for image uploader, color options, font adjustments, text spacing, shapes and much more. Each document has 4 navigation buttons: Comment, Interaction, Preview and Layout. These can be toggled using 4 navigation buttons at the bottom. Once you add media from an external source, you have complete flexibility with the layout and formatting. You have sole monopoly over your own layouts.

If you are looking into layout design, then Lucidpress is an excellent web-based app that allows you to work as a team. The set of tools if fantastic and allows you complete flexibility over your designs always. If you wish to work with rich documents, then Lucidpress is what you need

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