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Cloud is the real winner when it comes to data security and access anywhere irrespective of whether you’re carrying your laptop with you or not. It also acts as a backup service and most of the companies keep their servers on cloud so that they don’t suffer in case of any hazard or something. But all these services come at a cost. First, you need a good internet connection and with technology reaching new heights every day, this problem has been sorted out in most parts of the world. Second, these cloud services are not free and even if they are, only for a limited period of time. Though the first option is not under your control, the second one definitely is and it’s in your hand how to gain a good value of money for that. We have one such option tonight in the court. Let’s hear it!


We’re here talking about the iOS app called pCloud that has been developed by pCloud and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 6.0 or any later version of the OS. The app has also been optimized for iPhone 5.

Now, the total package combines of two parts: app and web service. Though web service can handle most of the tasks, it is incomplete without this app and this is what makes it accessible to phones. Let me tell you how’s it different from Dropbox. Suppose you have installed this app on three different devices under the same account. Then a folder will be created in each device separately. Now if you add a new file to any of these folders, the rest of the devices will also be synced with it instantly and the file will appear there as well. The syncing is almost instantaneous and therefore this app is very beneficial in case you have multiple devices.

There is a special provision for download and upload links which lets you share and receive files even from non-pCloud users without giving any account information of yours. pCloud is providing 10GB of free space to new users and you can take that to 20GB using their referral system which you all must be familiar with. If you’re using Dropbox, then it’s a much better option as you get a lot more space and you can upload files of any size.


Despite all these plus points, there are some negatives too. First, there is no editor in their web service and you must have the application to do that. It’s a big negative for me as now I’ll have to first download the documents, edit them and upload them again while I can do it much quicker in any other app. Then the security issue is also there though it’s not much serious. The encryption is not as secure as Dropbox or Google Drive but it doesn’t mean that you’ll be the hackers’ target.

pCloud is available on subscription packages starting from $4.99/month for 100GB and so on. If you can compromise a little on the safety issue, this app is perfect for everyone.

Pros: instantaneous syncing; download and upload links for non-users; up to 20GB space for free.

Cons: no editor in web service

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