Burger Brawl- Fight alongside the villains

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While the greatest crime is to deny a thirsty person water, the second greatest crime is to deny a hungry person food, especially when it is a burger we are talking about. This is the underlying concept of the iOS app game Burger Brawl. Curry Technologies is all geared up with its new tower defense game. Word has it that it is going to shake up the niche of tower defense with this app.

Developed by SonjoySinghi, Burger Brawl is a next gen tower defense game. It is based on a side scrolling tower and non-static characters. Throughout the course of the game, you will face a number of risky events and challenges. These include getting shunted in various directions, encounter unexpected surprises on an expected journey, characters falling into ditches and many more. The fun factor lies in keeping a watch for these and the troubleshooting in case you become a victim.


The game concept is very interesting and unconventional. Over the ages, as we have spent nights in bed listening to our parents and grandparents narrating fairy tales, we have all developed a love for the heroes and a hatred for the villains. They have earned a very negative reputation with their images being degraded and looked down upon thoroughly. This degradation is so complete that the heroes are now even denying them a burger.

Irrespective of what one has done and the decisions he has taken, he must be allowed to enjoy a burger in peace. After years of dwelling among the shadows, a pang of hunger caused them to revolt. When they tried to enter a simple burger bistro, the heroes denied them entry. Denying thembasic rights and affection is indeed unjust. It is high time that you begin to view life from the perspective of the villains. Take sides with the villain and fight with them for their basic rights.

There are a number of interesting features as part of the gameplay that make this app unique and enjoyable both. There is a ferris wheel that you have to spin strategically in order to win. Besides, there are numerous traps to trick you throughout the game. They are really easy to walk into. Unless you stay cautious and wary, you’ll become a victim in no time. You also have the power to initiate surprise attacks with a simple swipe gesture. Besides these, there are a number of small features that add spice and life to the game.

Another admirable aspect of the game is the user interface. The villains have been portrayed as cute and adorable creatures unlike the conventional fairy tales where they are represented as scary and evil. This helps them gain your sympathy and help. After all, you are to fight on their side. The game is bright and colourful with cute backgrounds and a splash of color.

Burger Brawl is compatible with all iOS devices featuring iOS 4.3 or higher. The app is available for free and requires all of 195 MB space on your device. This indie game is here to revolutionize iOS gaming with its indie dev.

Good: Cute animations and numerous gameplay features

Bad: None

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