Booksteam: A must have online appointment scheduling software

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With many resources available online and the competition creeping in, it is essential for variousbusinesses to keep pace with rapidly changing times. Technology is evolving fast and only those businesses that can adapt new solutions will survive. This is where BookSteam web application comes in handy, it will help businesses to simplify their work schedule load and increase productivity. BookSteam is the recipe to stay ahead of competition.


For many, scheduling appointments and classes is the hardest part of running a business. If you wish to simplify your scheduling process, then Booksteam, an online scheduling software, is the best solution available today. Forget old fashioned phone tagging and calling clients back, with BookSteam your clients can schedule and manage their appointment online, any time of the day, all on their own. BookSteam applicationwill help you manage your business clients on the go from anywhere in the world (as long as you have an internet connection), at any time, as it ismobile compatible withAndroid and Apple. BookSteam helps you stay in touch with your most valuable resource- your customers.


Booksteam is a web based online scheduling software that has been designed to benefit all kinds of businesses– from solo operators to enterprises. It provides a simple interface that allows your business clients to schedule appointments online in real time. The best part of BookSteam is that each customer is provided with a personal management panel where he or she can book, reschedule and cancel appointments at their own convenience. For businesses, it’s easy to check/modify client profiles, track client appointment/class history and manage all of the payment settings.


This online appointment scheduling platformhas a unique calendar page which gives a broad overview of appointments,organized in a neat way (can be also sorted by day or week). Appointment time slots can be blocked or modified for daily as well as weekly schedule with color coding to help you better manage your calendar. You can also sync your BookSteam schedule with third party calendars such as Google Calendar, iCal and Microsoft Outlook.


Not only BookSteam helps you with appointment scheduling, this web app also ensures that your clients stay up to date about status of their bookings. This is done really well through the Notifications service. When a client books an appointment online he or she will receive an instant email and SMS confirmation, then based on settings,that client will receive an email and SMS reminder before the appointment is due. BookSteam ensures that both clients and staff members stay up to date about any changes regarding appointments through SMS and email notifications.


Another unique feature of this app is that it provides clients with an array of payment options to choose from. Payments can be made in various currencies so that you do not lose out on international clients.PayPal is a popular payment solution around the world and is available with BookSteam integration. Booksteam also has an online credit card payment gateway called Stripe which accepts all major credit cards, allowing for full or partial payments at the time of the booking. The service can be integrated with Facebook to make the appointment scheduling process shorter and more convenient for clients.


User interface provided by BookSteam is neat, beautiful, user friendly and highly flexible. BookSteam allows clients to leave feedback (reviews) about their experiencewhich will further improve your overall business.If you do not want to collect reviews you can easily turn this option off. Lastly, you can be rest assured that all of your data is automatically backed up to the cloud server and you will not lose any important client information. Any business that offers classes, appointments, workshops or servicesis a perfect client for this app. Booksteam is one app I would highly recommend to try out as it will change the way you do business.


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