Escape the Void: An endless thrilling space flyer game

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Imagine yourself in space, manning a tiny spacecraft that is moving at high speeds, escaping obstacles and barriers. As the speed increases, so does the speed of your reactions. Sounds fun right? This is the concept of the iOS app Escape the Void. Developed by PatrikBudenz, this app will take you through a fun, exciting and endless space flyer game.


The game has been set in a world with minimalistic design. Do not judge the game already. With good design like this one, even little design can speak volumes. You have to pilot your spacecraft through an endless collection of hurdles. As the speed of these increases, you will have to react faster to keep pace with the game and keep yourself alive. You have to tilt and rotate your device to avoid the barriers that lie on your way and that are being hurled at you at high speeds. To add to the fun, there are five unique game modes, different Game Center Leaderboards and various Game Center Achievements.


While most games make use of tapping on the screen for controls, this game adds a touch of intuitiveness by using the tilt sensors on it. It won’t be long before you lose track of the actual initial direction and cannot differentiate between up and down. It tests your ability to subtly manipulate your device. Any movements that are too strong or too fast will result in you losing the game.

Owing to the new unique concept, if you are unable to grasp the concept of the game, then you can check out the tutorial. This will help you get a better idea and understanding of the game. Also, you can adjust the sensitivity of your tilt sensors as per what suits you. After all, each of us has a unique style of their own. Once you set a high score, you can directly share it on Twitter and Facebook, thanks to the app’s integration with them.


Escape the Void has five unique game modes, each of which takes you on a different journey. The controls are intuitive and the interface is minimal. Learning how to play the game and mastering the controls is very easy. However, the hard part is being able to cope up with the speed and difficulty level of the game. It is easy to learn but hard to master. If you feel that the game is moving too fast, you can collect bonuses to slow it down for a short time. This will help you increase your score and make better progress with the game.

This iOS app is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, requiring iOS 8.0 or later version. It also requires 29.8 MB of memory space on your device. The app is available for download in the App Store for $0.99 only. This app is one that is full of endless thrill and excitement that requires you to harness your skills to control the spacecraft. It is a good test of your patience and ability indeed.

Good: Minimalistic design, 5 game modes

Bad: None

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