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Want to make your conversations more enjoyable and reflective? Just add the magic of Musations and see how it can add up to your conversations. The app Musations not only gives you a better way to express yourself but also offer a great chance for the aspiring artists to promote their new songs amongst existing followers as well as non-followers. Good music can impress anyone; it can easily lift ones’ mood and can make your conversations more engaging. Musations enables you to place lyrics of songs within your messages, videos as well as selfies; making them all too interesting. There is also the lip-sync selfie feature to make it simply engrossing.


Musations come with over 45 million songs and videos so you will never fall short of lyrics to express your words. In addition to that it also supports selection of music from your own music library including your self-recorded ones. If you are thinking that it is easy for you to get lost in this huge collection of music, do not worry; the lyrical searching facility of this app will never let you get lost. There is also playing now music detection option to make it possible to add just any music of your choice to your conversations. You can share your Musations with all your friends and followers or can just use them for a private conversation as per your wish.


Musations also gives you the facility to quickly copy the Musation of a friend into your feed or to send it quickly to another friend for better conversations. There are also many categories including Trending Posts, Charts, Trending Productions and many more to explore from. It is also possible to follow celebrities on Musations and explore their latest releases more profoundly. For the aspiring artists Musations is the right place to launch themselves. A premium user can promote a post to 100 Musations users every month and if you are looking for more, you can opt for the special Aspiring Artist subscription which enables you promote 4 posts to 1000 users, not following you at the time. So, stay tuned to Musations and enjoy.


Musations needs iOS 7.1 and higher for running smoothly. It is fully compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and is optimized for iPhone 5, 6 and 6 Plus. This music app also includes support for Apple Watch. It is currently available in many other languages apart from English, including, Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian, Polish, Swedish, Vietnamese, French, Korean, Slovak and many more. So, you can easily opt for Musations in your own language to have maximum fun. The application takes 42MB space on the memory drive.


Musations offers a beautiful and very convenient way of expressing ones’ thoughts and feelings. It can make conversations not only fun but creative as well. It has an extensive library and an easy yet effective searching facility. It can also serve as an excellent platform for the aspiring artists to launch themselves.


The free version of the app does not include some great features and there are ads. So, to enjoy the Musations in the very best way you need to buy it.

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