Younity- When devices become irrelevant

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Having an iOS device has many perks. There are some downs though that can prove to be very irritating. One among these is that it is not very easy to move files between your computer and your iOS device. If this is one of the major problems you face, then worry not. Younity, an iOS app, has finally come up with a solution to this issue. This app allows you to access all types of files on your computer and transfer it to your iOS device too. You can access your files from the PC right on your iOS device anytime and anywhere.


Setting up the app is pretty simple. Let’s walk you through the process. First, you begin with installing the app on your computer. This could be a Windows or a Mac machine. That is really not going to make a difference. The next step is to install the app on your iOS device. With this, you are good to go. You now have the best cloud service in your pocket. Get ready to see some magic. The app will scan all your personal files from your system- including emails, documents, images, videos and photos. You can then view and access them right from your iPhone!


The aim of the app is pretty simple- making devices irrelevant. What matters is your data. The place where your data is stored is not of importance. You must be able to access it from anywhere you like at any time. Younity has made a bold move that is expected to take iOS devices to the next level.

Besides cloud storage, there are other extra services offered by the app. These include secure sharing of files with others, sharing photos on your PC to Instagram with just one click, posting files on social media like Twitter and Facebook easily and many more. Files that you stream are streamed directly to your iOS device, without passing through the cloud first.


Another aspect of Younity that makes it so good is the interface. It has been beautifully designed and is very user friendly. There are colourful headers, lists that are easy to manage, beautiful icons, smooth textures and sliding menus too. We all know how much an ill-designed menu can pull down an app. In the case of this app, the interface boosts the app a lot. The effort put in by the developers in designing the interface has clearly paid off very well.

With all this said about the app, are you now wondering about the cost? Well, here’s the deal. You get to add unlimited devices without any limitations on sizes or any strings attached- all for free! As much as it sounds impossible, this is true. In my opinion, you should go for this deal while it lasts. It won’t be long before users might have to pay dollars for the service. With all these superb features, it is sure to create a boom in the market. It is totally worth downloading and giving a try.

Good: creation of own private cloud

Bad: None

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