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For any ardent and a consistent game player, getting a new game challenge that surpasses any other form is something that is much yearned for. For instance, an intriguing and seemingly unusual puzzle that gives makes the brain to think beyond normalcy is something worth trying. This will indeed give the player great pleasure and pride once the puzzle is ultimately unraveled. In relation to that, developer Jonathan Prestidge presents TraptionBakery app game to the users to discover the puzzle surrounding it.

This mind-blowing app game that is referred to as Upcyclepunk Postimperial Curio requires the user to ponder deeply in order to achieve the ultimate goal; this is though being able to ultimately bake bread with the aid of the contraption. Meanwhile, to make it appear a totally challenging experience, it is only rumored that some people once made some bread using this kind of curio. Then, is it possible to ultimately bake bread using this device? Actually, this lies upon the player’s ability, skills and experience that will be applied.


Released on 1st January, 2016, this version 1.0 of TraptionBakery app game has adopted a totally intriguing and rare artwork that gives it a totally unique identity. Currently, its users can access and converse with it using the English language which is widely efficient. The high quality combination in it makes it to be rated highly with reviewers, a fact that is also boosted by its outstanding performance and output.

Compatibility of TraptionBakery App

From the high quality nature of the game presented by this app, it is undoubtedly evident that it is deemed to work on highly defined devices. This is because it takes keen consideration on precision, performance and output delivered by the device. Thus the most suitable platforms available include the iPod, iPhone and iPod Touch. Meanwhile, an operating system a typical iOS 9.2 or any new upgraded version is what is required by this great app game.

Getting into the TraptionBakery App Game

Clearly, the first exposure to this incredible game gives the player the picture of what is required; proper and close scrutiny of each and every section of the game. This starts from the cranking process of the contraption, clanking of pieces of metals as they collide and even pulling and pushing activities that need to be undertaken. Everything here requires great patience, relaxing and watching as the machine parts unfold. Most importantly, the player is required to think critically and identify the next perfect step of the game to take.

Interestingly, there are some easy-to-tackle activities that come alongside this game before the player finally undertakes the final task (baking the bread). They actually include capabilities such as being able to start the contraption, getting an order of grains for milling and even undertaking the milling process to produce flour. How is this really achievable? Actually, the player is required to be keen and take note of the hints provided on the machine, get to understand how clanking occurs and also identify how the contraptions parts are interconnected to each other.

Another thing that the player will come to understand about TraptionBakery game is that everything happens systematically. After unraveling the mystery process of baking the bread, the player gets into a sequential series of steps to prepare such a loaf of bread. It actually starts with assembling the right ingredient required followed by the mixing process. The player will then be required to verify the dough before proceeding to bake a loaf of bread.

Does the process stop there? Not really! Once the game player has ultimately prepared the loaf, it is subjected to judgment; this is to prove whether it has come out as expected or not.


Here are some of the distinct features notable in this incredibly amazing game:

Hints and Tips when stuck

At some levels, the game gets really challenging. What can one do? There is no need to give up on the game. Actually, this game provides a link into the “Jonathan Prestidge Website” where the player can get hints and clues. Besides, the video presentations (on YouTube) related to this game can be of great help.

Get the best score in baking

This happens when the player ultimately bakes a loaf of bread and gets judged on whether it has come out perfectly or not. Through keenly following the required steps, this can provide good score from the game.

High quality graphics

Clearly speaking, the quality of graphics and resolution applied in this game is exceptionally phenomenal. Every detail of the game is quite visible with great presentation that makes the contraption appear close to a real one.

Easy-to-solve puzzles incorporated 

Players will have a sigh of relief when solving easy puzzles which include initiating the milling process, presenting orders for some grain, and generating flour using the contraption.

No steam when milling

Since this game has adopted just a contemporary curio, there is no steam emanating from the machine. This is despite the fact that it has displayed the olden days design.

Check below for the pros and cons of TraptionBakery app:


· Outstanding performance with great creativity

· Graphic effects are exceptional

· Highly recommended for brain performance boost

· Absolutely captivating

· The hints and clues make it much easier to understand


· The drawings and themes induces mild horror and fear

· Infrequent in performance with time


In summary, TraptionBakery is a new game that is taking the gaming industry with a storm. It is performance-oriented, captivating and also demands high level of critical attention from the player in order to unravel the puzzle. From the reviews and ratings, this is a must game to play. It is now available at App Store for download. Get it today!

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