Gelling: Akeakami -Teamwork: We are One

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What do you mean by Collaboration? It simply means working together and not through individual effort to create something new for achieving a common goal. If you are able to work in a team with a group of people, then you can communicate well; increase the work efficiency; share your ideas; improve relations among others and most importantly you all will have a shared vision. You must be thinking what about the credit? The credit goes to whom? Listen! You can’t work in a team if you worry about who gets the credit. Sometimes you don’t get the credit you have earned but you are a team, if you achieve something you all are considered as winners.

To learn skills for building a good team, a new iOS app have been launched, Gelling: Akeakami- Tribe. This unique app has been developed by Agile Literacy, LLC which requires 6.0 or any later version of the Operating System and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


This app is basically designed to build teams by teaching Agile skills for the survival of Akeakami tribe. It’s one of the leading survival building game on the market. If you are a Software Manager or a Director or any employee, regardless of working in any industry, this app will teach you how to work as a team and will inspire you.

Gelling has a game based story which teaches you the techniques of creating a good bond with your team. It’s an innovative way to introduce team skills by using storytelling methods that allows teams to reach their highest potential.   This Quest is a multiplayer agile game played together in a team to unlock the potential of your team. You have to go through an adventure on a mysterious island and help Akeakami tribe find all the crystals of life to restore the island. The game can be played with fewer players but it is best utilized with five or more team members.


Unlike other survival games, Gelling is a different one. It teaches you the benefits of an effective teamwork, whether you are on a playing field, boardroom or in a development environment. A strong and a well organised team will consistently outperform a dysfunctional team. With the support of your team members you can achieve your goal and improve overall performance of the team. Do you agree? Well, I do.

In a nut-shell, Gelling encourages and develops open communication and problem-solving skills, builds trust and respect with others while working as a team that can’t be achieved by working individually. If you live in a joint family or work in a collaborative environment than this will help you how to cooperate and improve coordination among others.

It is also recommended for students above 10 years of age to teach them how to work in a group.

Get this amazing app today and learn the skills to build a good team!

It is available for free in the iTunes Store.

PROS: multiplayer game play; addictive; teaches skills to build a team; motivational; adventurous; awesome sound effects; highly defined graphics; free.

CONS: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App

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