Rollrollroll iPhone App Review

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With all the numerous apps released every day, you wonder which ones are worth buying or downloading. Your time and the space on your device are extremely important and you want only the best and worthwhile apps to be install and use. From everyday apps down to mobile games, quality is what everyone is after. Mobile games should be more than just time-wasters or money-eaters. They should be able to spark the gamer’s attention, motivate the player to re-open the app and provoke the user’s creativity. We want breakthrough ideas, well thought of schemes, expertly executed in an artistic and exciting medium. This is where Kaleidospace excels in. Kaleidospace is making brand new puzzle games that the world has never seen. The company is dedicated to developing the finest and most unpredictable apps to be releases in the market. After releasing Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions at second-quarter of this year, they are planning to make puzzle adventure game framed, using optical illusion of contrast or cube isometry. Get your iPhones ready for Rollrollroll.

Discover a new world of unique fun in Rollrollroll. Kaleidospace is bringing you a brand new mobile game that will surely give you a magical and challenging puzzle game experience. Rollrollroll is an upcoming app for iOS platforms. It is a game for all ages offering a new interesting style of gameplay. Forget the old mediocre puzzle games of just piling over or fitting blocks, this revolutionary concept allows players to rotate blocks, giving you countless hours of getting lost in fantastic realm of enjoyment. Make your way through seven masterfully built stages with over one hundred forty colorful puzzles to conquer. This is not your typical puzzle game. You can, and in most cases must, use physics to solve your way to the next level. The gameplay is quite easy to grasp but proceeding to future levels is where the challenge lies. Be prepared to take on one-of-a-kind stratagems such as elevators, water, pipes, and even the ability teleport. The possibilities will astound you. Meet two heroes that will become your partners in owning this special game.

Help the two misfortunate characters ‘L’ and ‘R’ as they find their path after falling, getting stuck in a hole and disappearing. They will start a topsy turvy adventure that is just a masterpiece of dreams. Crossing while going, slipping while crossing, hanging while slipping, overturning while hanging, falling while overturning, flying while falling… just a few of the remarkable things to expect. It seem like inside or outside, appear or disappear, chase or be chased, can they really see each other? No, separate from each other? Join ‘L’ and ‘R’ as they try to understand the mysterious and marvelous place they have encountered. Drag, tap and zoom. These controls are what you need to overcome the different puzzles that await your creative mind. Get your puzzle-solving strategies and techniques ready as Rollrollroll comes to the App Store in the first half of 2017. This is surely and app to look out for. It promises more unpredictable gaming but a total mesmerizing experience. Feast your eyes, engage your mind and play to your heart’s content.

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