Online Bingo: Insiders Tips for Winning

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Online bingo has become incredibly popular in recent years. Every day, thousands of new bingo websites pop up, giving players huge scope with where they want to play and what type of games they want to play. Now couldn’t be a better time for bingo enthusiasts, with thousands of different games available at just the tap of a finger. Of course, bingo typically involves cash prizes and jackpots. As such, it is easy to get overly competitive with bingo, so make sure you are careful when you play and are realistic about how much money you can invest per game, and into playing bingo overall. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to win; it’s part of bingo’s appeal. If you are looking for bingo success, then here are some helpful bingo strategies to boost your chances of winning!

Find a great strategy

A lot of people would most likely argue that bingo is simple game of chance, but those of us who tend to find bingo success frequently, would likely tell you that having a good strategy for bingo is key. Finding a good winning strategy that works for you will probably take time and patience. Keeping a bingo journal is a great way to keep on track of which tips and tricks have worked for you, and which probably aren’t worth bothering with again.

A fairly well-known and popular bingo strategy is to try to choose tickets that have a wide variety of numbers. This relates to the Granville theory, which suggests that bingo players should choose bingo tickets with the most symmetrical and systematic numbers. Ideally, according to this theory, there should be a balance of odd numbers and even numbers and a balance of low and high numbers. It is also recommended that the ideal bingo ticket should have the same amount of numbers which end in 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.

The Granville theory argues that it is logical to choose tickets to this rule because, in the long run, a balanced amount of high and low numbers will be drawn, as will a largely equal amount of odd and even numbers.

Another very simple winning strategy is to opt to play games at quieter, less popular times. By decreasing the number of competitors you are up against, naturally in turn you will increase the likelihood of winning. It is worth noting, though, that fewer players may result in a smaller cash prize for the game.

Learn on YouTube

There are thousands of videos on YouTube that can offer you bingo advice, tips and tricks. Learning through watching videos is often a lot easier than learning through extensive reading, particularly if you want to investigate more complex number theories.

Learn in chat rooms

Most bingo websites have chat rooms, where bingo players can socialise and share tips. Often more experienced players will offer you advice, which will improve your knowledge of the game and your chances of winning. In addition to this, these chat rooms are a great online space in which you can meet new friends.

The Tippett Number System

L.H.C Tippett’s number system is based on the idea of the “perfect average”. It argues that, within a game of bingo, as more numbers are drawn the more these numbers will lean towards the middle. In a game where the numbers range from 1-99, the median would be 45.

Try to imagine two separate piles of bingo balls. In the first pile are all the winning bingo balls. In the second pile are all the balls that have not yet been drawn and remain within the cage.

Realistically, the middle value of those winning balls could be anything.However, it is more likely that the value is either much greater or much lower than 45. The range of the numbers in the winning ball pile will most probably be much narrower than 99, except for in the rather unlikely situation that either 1 or 99 had been drawn.

More and more balls are drawn as the game goes on. As such, this first winning pile will become increasingly similarto pile two. These two piles will gradually balance out, and so the same pile that was initially in the cage is recovered. These two theoretical piles become more and more similar as the game continues, which in turn means that the median will also return closer to that “perfect average”.

Tippett’s theoryurges bingo players to pick tickets with more median numbers. This theory has never actually been proven, but many keen players swear by it.

These tips should help you to up your chances of winning bingo! Bingo is a great game that is super fun and enjoyable, but please always remember to play sensibly so as not to ruin your experience of bingo overall.

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