Cooking Mama: Let’s cook!

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Ever wish you would become a pro at cooking? Serving delicious dishes to people and watching them enjoy your food is a true bliss. Not everyone can become a true master chef over night. It is with years of practice that one becomes a pro at cooking the perfect dishes. But you do not have to wait years to become the perfect master of cooking. Just download Cooking Mama on your phone and become the expert you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

How the app works:

Download and install the app on your phone. Now get started with the game. You can make lip smacking food and serve it to the customers who visit your store. You can grow your own vegetables and use them to prepare the food in your kitchen. The game offers a lot of bonuses for new players and many offers during special occasions. You need to tend to your garden of vegetables often to make sure they do not go rotten. You can also go fishing and raise animals in your ranch. There are a lot of ways to gather food in this game to cook. You can decorate your kitchen as the levels pass by and try creating a fusion out of two different dishes.

The app is not just about cooking and operating your own restaurant. It also allows you to play several other mini games like ‘Play shopkeeper’, ‘Exercise your brain’ and ‘Help out’. There are over 30 mini games like this that offer you a way out of boredom. There are also many weekly challenges which you can participate in and win exciting prizes.

Features in the app:

This game is ideal for both children and adults. As children play this game, it tends to create an interest in cooking for them. The game is available in many languages including English, Korean, Hindi, Spanish, etc.

Compatible with:

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