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Always I had a thought likes games are only for entertainment and most of them are time eaters. Few games make us happy and also worth playing as stress busters. And one of the games recently I found in the store is Mask on/ Mask off. The name shows the game, yeah! We have to put on the masks for the smiley faces appear on the board and don’t think it is an easy job.

Mask on/ Mask off, Game has different levels and every level has its difficulty to get points. The outline of the game can look like an easy task, but with every increase in the levels, the smiley faces come and go within a second and you have to mask it before it disappears. All you have to do is finish the level within the duration and the duration makes the task difficult.

Every stage in the game gives you additional points that allow you to purchase items from the game to clear the blocked square. And some items can help you to finish the difficult levels by adding extra duration using the points. Your scoreboard and levels you accomplished were displayed at the bottom of the app.

Mask on / Mask off a game with a new strategy to generate funds for the first responders and local food pantries in this pandemic. The team OnceRed LLC designed this to help people in this pandemic, by watching the ad video the revenue from the ads are directly funded to the people as the premise from the team “Gaming designed to give back”. Also, additional points will be provided for the users who view the ad.

This game available in PlayStore under the casual category and rated for 3+, Once Red LLC crafted the game with a bold and colorful interface with attractive icons. The items we buying look like nurses, vaccines, and pills were looking awesome. I don’t find any other gaming apps are ready to help people by playing them, this idea of the game and the strategy to collect fund and everything in this concept was unique and novel.

Mask on/ Mask off available for android users with 4.0 or later version phones. The team will be available to support your queries regarding the game through info@oncered.com. Support the team by playing and sharing the strategies of this app and help people in this pandemic.

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