Automata: Task Automator

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Releases of new mobile applications we all love them, but let’s face it, sometimes it’s just hard to select them because you can’t get enough quality apps gathered up in stores to effectively use them. I’m a huge fan of Automata: Task Automator which falls right into that best category.

In all honestly, because of the amount of junk in the Play Store, some people may not take apps seriously enough. Fortunately, there are always going to be some exceptions that truly shine on the platform, and Automata: Task Automator developed by Apseren Industries is one of them. You can automate repetitive tasks on your Android phone.

Key Features of Automata: Task Automator

 If tomorrow rains remind me to bring the umbrella
 Mute phone at a specific time
 Send SMS to someone at a specific time
 Email me current Bitcoin price every day
 Mute phone after leaving home
 Monitor URL and notify me if it goes down
 Remind me to meditate at a specific time

Also if you’re looking for quality app that will help you take some Task Automator, then Automata: Task Automator has you covered. Moreover I’ve gone through many mobile apps in Play store, but Automata: Task Automator sincerely stands out from the rest due to the best features. I’ll go right out and say it Automata is also one of the most beneficial app I’ve used recently, especially on mobile. It’s Task Automator app that should not be missed.

Final Thoughts

I’ve spent some time with Automata: Task Automator developed by Apseren Industries and so far I have to surely admit that I’m far satisfied from by this nice accolade of gem. For the developer’s successful release on the Play Store, I trust that they did a splendid job with app features.

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