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ContactBook aids in the organization, management, and sharing of contacts, ensuring that the right people always have access to the right contacts. ContactBook is a perfect tool that helps people keep track of their business contacts, so they can access them quickly and share them with the most relevant people. If you make any changes to your contacts, they will be reflected in your shared contacts too. ContactBook is designed to make contact sharing easy and convenient.

Share Contacts

ContactBook was created to make it easier for coworkers to share Gmail contacts. Users can instantly organize contacts in Google Contacts, sync from the ContactBook interface, and share contacts with team members. The contact-sharing app automatically syncs recently added contacts in Google Contacts and any updates to existing contacts across all shared coworkers’ devices.

Manage Permissions                                 

Select and assign the necessary permissions to secure contact information. Users can manage permissions like “View” or “Edit” for each shared user while sharing contact labels with multiple users to ensure the right people have the right kind of access control.

Chrome Extension

To personalize the browsing experience, the Chrome Extension allows users to create and customize Gmail contacts and labels from any tab and immediately share them with other users. The users can look through their contacts and contact them via email, phone, or Whatsapp.

Why ContactBook?

Improved Collaboration

  • ContactBook syncs your contacts and keeps activity logs, so your information is always up to date.

Enhanced Data Management

  • Users can now manage their data in one location and advance their management process.

Elevated Productivity

  • Enables leads and provide your team with the information they require to close more deals and become more productive.

Improved And Longer-lasting Relationships

  • Increase productivity by empowering your team and engaging with your network more efficiently.

Simple Access To Pertinent Files For Your Contact

  • Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for files on the fly because everything is already organized.

Never Ask Anyone for Contact Information Again

  • With automatic backups and real-time sync, ContactBook will help you keep all your contact updates in one place.

Final Thoughts

ContactBook is a user-friendly contact management platform that assists professionals in organizing, managing, and sharing contact-related information. Experts can import contacts from preferred tools, such as Microsoft and Google. They can also use VCF and CSV files to export contacts from other sources and import them into ContactBook. Users can add notes and documents to the platform in addition to contact numbers. Specialists can add or change the contact information their team members can see with permission.

Web App: ContactBook

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